Help!! I’ve got a question?!?

So, I’m thinking maybe I should be getting ready for our Peanut to come home!!

(Seriously, I have done some things!!)

I know, I’m a slacker and a procrastinator!  My thought has been……this isn’t really real and won’t be till I get LOA in hand!!

But after talking with another adoptive Mama, I need to get serious!!

I’ve got a packing list a MILE long!  Things I need to purchase, obtain, acquire, so forth….

Of course, I don’t have a clue what size Peanut is!!  So I’m going at this with blinders on!  But onward and upward!

Ok, so since I’ve not had a toddler in like 10 years, what do I need??

I’m going with a toddler bed since I’m assuming she will be tiny!!  Also, we are putting it in our room so she’ll sleep with us for awhile.

I’ve been watching CraigsList for one I like, that really is a great website and will save some needed money!!

I’m guessing she is potty trained.  So no need for diapers.  But again, an update would be oh, so, helpful!!

See what I mean at going at this with blinders on??

But you parents of toddlers out there, give me some ideas….nothing off limits!  I need all the help I can get here!!

I’m not too proud to beg…:)

Thank you in advance for all of your fabulous advice, it will be much appreciated and needed!!

Day 106 for our wait for LOA………………………..:(

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  1. Heather says:

    OK, so she’s a couple months shy of 3. I don’t remember is she in foster care or an orphanage. I’ve seen LOTS of orphanage pictures lately (searching the shared list for child number 2) where children as old as 6, 7, or more appear to still be sleeping in cribs! However, our daughter was in foster care when we met her at 20 months old and we were told she slept in her foster mama’s bed, which can be common. While I’m not talking down a toddler bed, I just don’t know if she will take to it very quickly. Some people use pack-n-plays in their own bedrooms. We co-slept with our daughter in China and for the first couple weeks or so home and then transitioned her to her crib. But once we moved her to a toddler bed she began coming to our room on her own when she woke up in the middle of the night. 😉

    I really believe in child-sized silverware. I bought a couple sets from Oneida online. Our daughter did not need the big fat handles of baby silverware. Oneida makes regular silverware but smaller sized. Presumably your little one is going to be learning to use chopsticks so she’ll kind of have to start over with a fork.

    Don’t go crazy buying clothes right now. Until you meet her and see her proportions it will be tricky to be sure of what size to buy. Dresses and leggings are pretty forgiving if you are inexact. You should have an opportunity to do a little shopping the day of or the day after your are united, and can try to buy a few things if necessary to get you through the trip.

    My guess is yes, she will be potty trained. Our daughter was at 20 months.

    Really, don’t over-buy now. Wait until you meet your daughter and have an opportunity to get to know her. Also, in terms of toys, I remember our agency recommending not to have too much in the child’s room at first because it can be overstimulating and overwhelming. And you don’t know what level she’s at developmentally with her toys, what will amuse her and teach her.

    For the first meeting it’s usually recommended to bring some kind of treat. We brought Cheerios which were a hit. Others sometimes do lollipops. I’m thinking M&M’s would be good, too. The positive side to M&M’s or Cheerios or thinks like that is you keep handing them one at a time, so there is ongoing interaction to get more.

    Have you been studying any Chinese? Be sure to ask her caretakers what words she knows (probably many, but try to learn key things like bathroom, hungry, drink, certain food names, etc.). Have you written up your list of questions for her caretakers yet? We were provided one from both our placing agency and our home study agency and we picked and chose from those.

    If you have stairs, you might want to install gates at the top and bottom. Or for any rooms/areas you don’t want her exploring. Potty seats for the big toilet. Or, we recently bought the dual toilet seats that have a built-in toddler seat. Much easier for all of us. Step stools. Lullaby CD’s/MP3 downloads. Lots of books.

    Well, that’s all I can think of at the moment. Good luck!

  2. heidi says:

    Thank you for all of this wonderful advice!! I have read over it several times!
    I appreciate you taking the time to write this all out!! It means the world to a newbie like me!
    If you think of anything else, let me know!! 🙂

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