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Day 3 – We made it to Taiyuan!

Ok, first, my rant……

Cigarette smoking is perfectly acceptable in our hotel!!  Yuck!

We are on the no smoking floor!  Out of 17 floors, only 1 is no smoking!!

Yet, when you get off the elevator, there is a sand pit thing for cigarettes!!

Yes, Taylor has his inhaler and every other medicine known to man as well as the rest of us!!  🙂

Second, our hotel is lovely!!  (Other than the smoke!!)

One hotel employee speaks pretty decent English!  I’ve run her ragged so far!!

On the 6th floor is the spa area……wonderful!!

I checked, a massage is about 68 yuan..that would be just a little over $10!!

Kennedy was ready right then to get one!!  She may be just a little spoiled when we get back!!

I asked, but they do not do pedicures!!  🙁

We all ate at McDonald’s (I know, adventurous) for $12!  Crazy. Cheap!!

BTW, I have pics from McD’s if you want!!  Just don’t have my camera in the lobby with me!!

We will do more Chinese food, but we have to wait for our guide and she is busy this afternoon picking up our friends Hugh and Vicki Keller!!  They will be here soon!  Actually, I’ve never met them personally, but through the power of FB, I have many, many friends!!

Well, this is the information you are all waiting for……Gotcha Day!

It’s tomorrow…….tomorrow morning.

We are supposed to be in the lobby at 9 am our time/9 pm Indiana time.

So that means for those of you following our blog, tonight, Sunday night, at 9 pm, we will meet our guide to go get our daughter!  Our appointment is probably for 10 or 10:30.  I was told it will take 20 minutes to get to the Civil Affairs office.  We will sign paperwork and make sure everything is in order.

I’m nervous, excited, nervous, happy, nervous, and thankful!

See a theme?

This is the day I’ve waited for for almost 2 years!  Why am I nervous?

Maybe it’s not so much nerves, but a broken heart for my daughter who is about to lose everything she knows.

That is devastating enough……then……..she gets handed to 4 complete strangers and told this is your Mama, Baba, Jie Jie (sister), and Ge Ge (brother).

Can you imagine her thoughts?

Um…..hello…..these people do not look like me!!  How can they be my family?

I’ve prayed for this moment for over 7 months now……ever since I saw her precious face.

We sent her a care package back in January…..I really don’t know if she ever got it.

In it was a photo album of us, her family.

If she did indeed get this care package, then maybe foster grandma has been talking to her about Mama, Baba, Ge Ge, and Jie Jie…..and showing her our pictures.

That has been my prayer, for over 7 months.


If Grandma has not spoken with my daughter about us, I believe my God has……

I believe He has whispered into the depths of her heart about her family.  Her forever family.

I believe He has gone before us and prepared the way.

I have to……I have to believe this.

As we landed this morning in Taiyuan, my ever so patient husband reminded me of this.

That God has called us and that He and only He will equip us.

We’ve done our part….we’ve done all we can.  Now we trust.

That is hard for me.  I believe that is hard for most of us.

So my prayer is this…..God, give me the faith to believe that You will do what You’ve promised You will do.

Prepare my daughter’s heart for the grief it’s about to endure, but prepare it for the love it’s going to receive.

Prepare me for the rejection I may receive from her……prepare my family for the rejection they may receive.

Prepare us for the attachment that will happen.

Pray……I covet your prayers!!


Day 2 – Beijing! Great Wall of China!

Wow, what a day!!

To be able to see one of the 7 Wonders of the World, well, it’s breathtaking!

And then to hear the story of how it was built, is tragic and sobering….

We went to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall.

It was unbelievable!!  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times!  We are on the trip of a lifetime!!  How blessed are we?!

We rode a cable car up to the wall and rode a toboggan on the way down!  It was fun!!!

I have attached a video of Jeremy’s ride down, well, a portion of his ride down!!  The cable car up was several minutes long and didn’t want to load!!  So we’ll show you at a later date, when it’s finished downloading to Vimeo.  🙂

I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

Needless to say, it was a great day!

Shops at the Great Wall

Jeremy and Kennedy in the cable car going up!!

Taylor and Heidi going up the Great Wall!!

The Turner family on the Great Wall of China!!

The Turner’s at the Great Wall!!

Look how steep!!!

In a Watchtower!!

Jeremy and Heidi on the Great Wall!!

Kennedy and Taylor showing what we just climbed up!! Insane!!

Outside shot of the Great Wall…

Kennedy, Taylor, and Jeremy! Love this picture!

Taylor and Kennedy going down the steps in a watchtower! They were STEEP!!

Fabulous view!

Really breathtaking!!

Map of the Great Wall…


Video of the Toboggan ride down the Great Wall of China!!


Where we ate lunch!

The Turner family at the School House eating lunch!!! Delicious!!

Day 1 – Beijing!!

Oh. My. Word.

It’s so hard to believe the time has finally come and we are finally here!!

First impressions……..

This place is Crazy!!  The drivers are insane!!

There is no way possible I could EVER drive in this city!

I’m dead dog tired!!  We traveled for a little over 24 hours in coming here!!

Totally worth it!  Would do it again!!  😉

There is no sense of personal space or order.  Hence the crazy driving.

Driving lanes are merely suggestions, not something that should be followed!!

We did A LOT of touring today!!  And I LOVE our guide Helen!  She is fabulous!!

We started at Tienanmen Square, then went to the Forbidden City, and then did the Hutong Tour.

That was awesome!!  We had the opportunity to ride in a rickshaw and visit with a Chinese family in their home!

So educating and enjoyable!!  Highly advise the Hutong Tour if you are coming to Beijing anytime soon!!

While we were at the Forbidden City a mom grabbed Taylor by the arm and showed him her camera and told him she wanted a picture with her son!!  Taylor was a very good sport, and permitted this!!  It was super cute!!!

We’ve been stared at so much today, it kinda freaked Kennedy out!!!  It was funny!!  The Chinese people have no problem with just stopping and staring at you!!  Something that I’m sure will happen again!!

Tiananmen Square

Outside of the Forbidden City

Outside of the Forbidden City

Forbidden City

This is our guide Helen in the black shirt!  Love her!

Notice all the people??!!  It was insane!!  So busy!

I added this because I love it!!

I’m guessing this is the chassis?  It looked and felt more like an a/c unit!

First “official” meal!!  It was delicious!!  Wow, who’s the lame-o and using a fork and knife in China?  🙂

Peking Duck!  Yes, I ate it!  Yes, it was good!!  We all tried new dishes today!  I was so proud of my family!

Rickshaw and Hutong Tour!

Local market!  Nope, I didn’t buy anything!!  🙂

Fresh Fish!!


Jeremy standing outside a Hutong home!  The owner is a Kung Fu teacher and was wonderful!!  He even made us Jasmine tea!!

Test from my phone….:)

This is a test. This is only a test to see if I can update my blog from my phone!!

Have a nice day!!


A letter to our family and friends…..:)

First things first…….

Jeremy and I would like to invite you to the Indianapolis Airport on Friday, July 27th at 7:10 pm to meet Mollie!  Our flight number is DL 0815 and we arrive at 7:10 on Delta airlines from Detroit.  What a time we are going to have!!  🙂  Hope to see you all there!!!


Now, on to the more serious…….

Dear Family and Friends,

As we prepare for the arrival of our Mollie, we have learned that while decorating her bedroom and stocking up on toddler essentials is important, even more important is the emotional health of our daughter. In her short life, our daughter will have gone through more changes and life altering experiences than most adults could handle. Imagine how much harder the changes will be for her. While she may not consciously remember the events, she will still experience immense loss, including feelings of grief and trauma. She’s already experienced the loss of a birthmother and will soon experience the loss of familiar and comforting caretakers as well as the sights, smells, and language of her birth country. Her world will turn upside down. She will struggle with feeling safe and secure and he may lack the ability to trust that we will meet her needs.

We have prepared to meet her emotional needs so that she does learn that we will always take care of her and we will always keep her safe. We need your support. In order to form a strong and healthy attachment we will allow her to regress so that she has the opportunity to go through all of the emotional stages with us despite her chronological age. Although it may appear that we are spoiling her, we have been advised that it is best that we meet every need quickly and consistently. Until she has learned that we are her parents, we will need to be her primary caretakers at all times. It is essential that we always hold her, feed her, and do all of the nurturing. You may wonder how long this will take, but the timeline is different for every child. We will follow her lead and trust our instincts as her parents rather than worry about what society expects.

We have all been waiting anxiously for Mollie to arrive but she has not been waiting for us. She may show her grief and confusion in many ways and we are prepared to help her through it and prove that we are a forever family and this truly is her last stop. We trust that as our family and friends you will help us to do what is best for our daughter, and we thank you in advance for your support and understanding.

With heartfelt love and deep gratitude,

Jeremy and Heidi

Whew!! I’ve been busy….and oh yeah, here’s our itinerary!! :)

Well, it’s definitely been a crazy few weeks for this gal, but I’m glad to report that things are moving along!!

Well, when I say moving along, I mean, we are leaving for Chin@  THIS.  WEDNESDAY!!

Can you tell I’m trying to emphasis this?  🙂

Ok, so who wants to know where we’ll be and when we’ll be there??  Any takers?

Turner Itinerary for July 11th – 27th!!

Wednesday, July 11th – Fly out of Indianapolis at 12:30 pm.

Thursday, July 12th – Arrive in Beijing at 11:40 pm!!!

(Did you catch the days and time there??)

Friday, July 13th – Tour Tienanmen square, Forbidden city, and Hutong tour

Saturday, July 14th – MUTIANYU Great wall tour and we will have lunch at the School House!

Sunday, July 15th – Fly from Beijing to Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province…..this is where Mollie is!!!

Monday, July 16th – Gotcha Day!!!  We meet our precious girl for the very first time!!

Tuesday, July 17th – Return to the Civil Affairs building to complete our adoption paperwork

Wednesday, July 18th – Shopping/Sightseeing in Mollie’s province

Thursday, July 19th – If we are allowed to visit her orphanage, this is when we’ll do it.  Also, pray that we get to meet her foster family as this would mean the world to us!

Friday, July 20th – Fly to Guangzhou, China!  This is where our adoption will be finalized and where we will get to meet up with adoptive families whom we’ve met through the wonder of the internet and Facebook!!  🙂

Saturday, July 21st – Consulate medical appointment.

Sunday, July 22nd – We are going to attend Guangzhou International Christian Fellowship church!!  We are so excited as this will probably be Mollie’s first time in a Christian church!!  Then that evening, we are going to go to dinner with our adoption friends from our FB group!!  I’ve never met these wonderful people in person, but they’ve become my lifelong friends!!  Love them!!

Monday, July 23nd – Shopping/Sightseeing

Tuesday, July 24th – Shopping/Sightseeing

Wednesday, July 25th – Consulate Appointment!!

Thursday, July 26th (Also known as my 40th birthday!!) – Take the Oath and get Mollie’s Visa!!  We get to take the oath on this day!!  How special will that be?  I’m turning 40 and this is the final piece of the adoption process!!  We will then take a van to Hong Kong later that day.

Friday, July 27th – Fly from Hong Kong at 10:30 am and arrive in Indianapolis at 7:10 pm!!

(Don’t let that time fool you…..add in 12 more hours!!)

Wow….that was A LOT to type!!  🙂



Just a glimpse….

As I’m getting our trip details all worked out,

I want to give you a glimpse of what our 2 weeks will look like….

17 days

7 different airplanes

4 different cities

4 different hotels

5 changed lives!  🙂

Happy “3rd” Birthday Mollie!! :)

Happy Birthday Mollie Elizabeth!! We love you!!

This day is completely bittersweet for me…..

You see, it’s my youngest daughter’s 3rd birthday!!

That is the “Sweet” part!!

I’m not with her…..:(

That is the “Bitter” part.

I will be with her exactly 2 weeks from today!!  It will be officially “Gotcha Day” for Mollie Elizabeth Jing Xiu Turner!!

Now that is SWEET!!!

We love you Mollie!!  We are coming very soon to get you!!

We are working very hard right now on your room and getting everything all ready for your big arrival home!!!