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Kennedy’s first Jr. High choir concert

Kennedy had her first official choir concert last night.  It was fantastic!  It was a patriotic theme and they did very well in honoring those who serve and those who haved served.  It was a moving tribute to our service people and the song choices reflected that.  They ended the night with CC Alumni joining the High School choir for several numbers and the finale was Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Great job CC teachers and administrators!



Day 29 of wait for I800a!!  Getting closer!

James 1:27

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. ”


UPDATE:  I just realized I counted wrong and we are in day 27 for wait of our I800a approval……YAY!!  Two days closer than what I thought!!

Pastor Appreciation Sunday

October is Pastor Appreciation month.  We are so blessed to serve in our church!  Our people are fantastic and we felt very loved from our congregation.  It’s truly a privilege to serve God and His people.  They have been so generous to us in our adoption efforts.  They have supported, defended,  and cheered us. 

It is so nice to know that you are loved and accepted, flaws and all, by the people that God has called you to serve!

We love you KAG!!  Thank you for our gift, it was very much appreciated!

Blessings, Heidi

BTW, we are in day 24 of our wait for our I800a approval…….

Just a little “light” reading……..:)

I just wanted to show a couple of the books that Jeremy and I are currently reading.  Lifeline requires that we read these two books before our dossier can go to China.  There are several other things as well, but this is my focus right now.  The Connected Child and Adoption Parenting are fantastic resources for parents.  I’ve been able to implement parts of this book with my kids today.  The Connected Child is a book that you can sit down and read from cover to cover.  Adoption Parenting has more of a “text” book feel to it.  I can see this being a resource that Jeremy and I use for years to come.  It’s not a book you sit down and read from start to finish.  You have to digest it over a period of time.  When situations arise with our daughter, I can see us turning to this book as a guide.  Parts of the book will be applicable to our situation and parts may not.  I’ve enjoyed reading them and learning more about myself and how I parent.  🙂

Blessings!!  Heidi

I800a Wait…….

We are in day 20 of our wait for our approval from immigration.  This is a pre-approval, we have not been matched with our daughter yet, but we must be pre-approved to adopt from China.  This approval process typically takes 60 days.  According to the boards that I watch, approvals are coming in sooner!  That is very good news for us!  Some families are getting their approvals as quickly as 40 days!  Of course, there are families that have waited much longer than 60 days.  🙁  Pray that God would grant us favor and we would hear something sooner than later! 

When we are approved, then our paperwork can go to China and we can meet our dear Mollie!!  🙂  Oh, happy day!

Blessings!  Heidi

BBQ Chicken Dinner was a success!!

Our BBQ Chicken Dinner was a success!!  A huge thank you goes out to Russ Ewing for coming from Ohio to cook for us!  He brought his awesome cooker and smoked 180 lbs. of chicken!  Did I mention it was raining?!  We had a fantastic turnout and we cleared over $1,800!!  To God be the Glory! 

I also want to thank my volunteers!  This dinner could not have happened without each of you pitching in and helping!  Also, thank you to everyone who came and supported us!  We love you!!  Your generousity was so evident that day and the days after!  I’ve had several people hand me money because they couldn’t make it to the dinner!  What a great community we live in and serve!!

Blessings!  Heidi