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Mollie Elizabeth Jing Xiu

This is what we know about our little one, it is the information we received in her file……


On 2009-8-17, the Wenbao Branch of Public Security Bureau of Taiyuan City received a report saying a baby girl was found at the No. 2 Hospital of Shanda of Taiyuan, (Jeremy and I feel so blessed that her precious birth mother left her at a hospital) at which time she was about 45 days old without any belongings. After a lot of search failed to find her birth parents, the police sent her to the Social (Children’s) Welfare Institute of Taiyuan City to be raised on the same day.  On admission, our medical staff estimated the baby’s DOB to be July 2, 2009 according to her physical development and named her Zheng Jingxiu


Zheng Jingxiu has been fostered in a family since 2009-9-3. Under scientific feeding and nursing in the foster family, the child develops well and her immunity has increased. Zheng Jingxiu’s daily living schedule is that usually she gets up at 7:00, naps during 14:30-15:30 for about 1 hour, and goes to bed at 21:30 and she likes lying in prone position. Types of food are rice, flour products, meat, vegetables, fruits and snacks. She eats less and does not have any preference on food with not good appetite. She likes sweet food.  (Yep, I can already tell Mollie is a Turner!!)  Now she could walk freely, stand on one foot for 2 seconds, pick up a small pill with her thumbs and index fingers, bang 2 building blocks together, put a building block into a cup, build 4 blocks without falling, turn over pages twice, and cover a box. She knows the concepts of big and small, turns over pages one by one, and she can speak sentences of 2-3 words, understand the meaning of “NO”, respond to the asking of her belongings, be cooperative when put on clothes. She is able to point out her ears, nose, and mouth and express her personal needs orally.

She is gentle, kind of timid and is afraid of being with strangers. She likes listening to music, and she is talkative, fond of singing, (Yep, again, I can tell she is part Herndon as well!!) energetic, and enjoys plying with other children outdoors. She is closest to the foster grandma. She likes any kinds of toy.

She has strong attachment to the foster grandma. If the grandma goes outside and she cannot see her, she would pick up a cell phone from a family member and make a phone call to the grandma imitating what an adult would do and saying “hello, hello, hello”. The grandma loves her very much, and vice versa. Whenever eating food, she would give the grandma first, at which time the grandma is very touching and proud of her.  (This is music to our ears!!  I love, love, love that my daughter is so loved by her Foster Grandma.  She will forever have a place in Mollie’s heart as well as ours.  We hope to have a picture of them together that we can proudly display in our home.)







This is from an update we received April 23, 2012.  She is seriously too cute!!

Zheng Jingxiu’s Update

Date of This Report: 23-4-2012


  1. Update measurement:

–         Height: 79cm  or 2’7″

–         Head size: 48cm

–         Weight: 13kg  or 28 lbs.    (She probably had a brick in her butt when they weighed her!!)

–         Chest size: 59cm

–         Foot length: 16cm  or size 9.5 (Be we believe she was measured with shoes on!!)


2. Physical Development:

–         Can walk, run, jump and go up and down the stairs.

–         Could kick the ball and squat down to play.

–         Could turn the doorknob and put the lid on.

–         Be able to use the spoon to eat by herself.


3. Language Development?

–         Can say short sentense,e.g ‘Granny,time for eat’.

–         Could understand the adult’s instruction and follow.


4. Interacting with Others:

–         Likes playing with other children

–         She is out-going.

–         Likes to join group activities or games.

–         Gets well along with people, particularly close to the foster mother (granny).


5. Likes and dislikes

–         Likes playing stuffed animal and cellphone.

–         Candy is her favorite.

–         She is not picky.


6. Others:

–         Being Potty-trained,she will tell if she needs to go potty.

–         Currently she is healthy.


  1. Amy

    Wow! She’s beautiful!!!! God is faithfully growing her in your hearts. Can’t wait to meet little Mollie! Thank you, Turners, for hearing God’s heart for His smallest. The gospel reaches one more the day you bring her home. A God she doesn’t even know yet has provided a path for her to find Him. Your response to His call is a joy in His heart!

    1. Amanda

      This is amazing, Heidi! I loved reading about your new baby girl! It’s such a special thing you’re sharing with all of us. Thank you. I totally agree with the comment made by Amy, especially the part about the gospel reaching her through you and your family. That’s what family is all about. Praise God. I know his blessings for you and your new little girl will be adundant!

      1. heidi

        Thank you Amanda!! We feel very blessed to be her parents!!

    2. heidi

      Thank you Amy for your sweet and precious words!!

  2. Liz

    Hey girlfriend, Just wanted to tell you I was thinking of you today. Mollie is gonna be so blessed with such a wonderful God loving momma and daddy. I cant wait to meet your miss little Mollie. God has a plan…so I tend to plan big!! Lol
    Love you, Liz

  3. mollie mcdaniel

    thats so sweet what your doin and her name is mollie like me

  4. mollie mcdaniel

    god bless you

  5. heidi

    Thanks Mollie!! I know, I love her name!! God bless you too!!

  6. Aby Unger

    Shes so cute Heidi!! Can’t wait for youguys to get her 🙂

    1. heidi

      Thanks Aby!! We think she’s pretty darling as well!! 🙂

  7. Reannon Russell

    With tears overflowing, all I can say is she is the most beautiful little thing. I hope one day to meet her.

    1. heidi

      Oh Reannon, you will definitely meet her!! 🙂 Thank you for your sweet words!! They are so appreciated!!

  8. Meg Hennessy Kimball

    So very happpy for you Heidi. My heart leapt when you said that you would keep her foster Grandma in her life. Haveing fostered more than 50 kids, my heart still aches for some of these kids. I have no idea how things turned out for them. I just tell myself that we will be reunited on the other side. Good luck, Heidi. The Turner family is doing a wonderful thing.

    1. heidi

      Thank you Meg!! We are excited as well!! And yes, I remembered that your family was a foster family!! It truly is life changing!! We are blessed that she is in a foster home right now getting all the love and attention she needs!!

  9. Miss Yang

    I am very happy,because we can see Xiu‘s photos,I am her aunt.Now we are excited.I hope you can send me some photos about your happy family to my Email.Best wishes for you.

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