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Kony 2012

Due to my daughter having a horrible dream after watching this video at school, I think it’s important that we get the word out regarding this man, Joseph Kony.

It impacted her to the point where she was able to tell her dad all about the video and the cruelties he is inflicting on children.  I warn you, it is heartbreaking.

I’ve read there are controversies over the funds of the group Invisible Children, but I do believe they have a powerful message and they are working for the greater good.


Day 69 of our wait for LOA……………..:(

So proud to call this my agency! :)


Day 68 of our wait for LOA………………….:(

Another delay……ugh….I’m so over this….I just want to go to China and get my daughter!!!

Passport Application processing times taken from Travel.State.Gov site…..

we are processing routine applications in approximately 4-6 weeks from the time of application

Our time of application for T & K’s passports January 20, 2012.  Current date March 8, 2012.

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since we applied for said passports.

I called March 5, 2012 only to be told that they were “in process” and we should get them soon.

I get a letter March 8, 2012 to find out this nugget of information.

The photographs you submitted cannot be used because the background of the image is not plain white or off-white.  Please submit a new passport photograph.

Note to self:  Next time you want passport pictures taken, let the professional handle it.  🙁

Day 64 of our wait for LOA………………………:(  (I realize 2 frowny faces in one post, what do you expect?)

Ok, since I have nothing to share…..

I will talk about books!  Since I do work in a library, this seems appropriate and maybe will take my mind off of “other” things.  😉

What are you reading right now?

What is your favorite book?

I just finished The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

The Hunger Games Series

I know, I’m like the last person in the world to have read these books!!

My 14 year old read them and LOVED them!

Now that’s saying something!  Boys, for the most part, don’t like to read.  But when he and his good friend Kyle picked them up, they couldn’t put them down!

I remember when the book came out, I tried reading it, I really did.  It just didn’t capture my attention.  But since Taylor read them and was hooked, I thought I’d better give it another go.  Especially with the movie coming out this month.

So, I’m done with the series.  There’s only 3, so it’s not like it took forever!

I won’t go into much detail on what I thought, because I don’t want to spoil it for others.  But if you’ve read them and would like to discuss, then please, let me know.

I am looking forward to the movie, so much so, that there is a group of us Mom’s who are taking our kiddos to the midnight premiere!  Now that is dedication and enjoyment of a book!  Also, because our kids asked us and we just couldn’t say no!!  🙂

Day 58 of our wait for LOA…………………………