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LifeSong Matching Grant total so far……………………


That means we are almost a third of a way to our total of $3,000!!

To all that have given, a huge THANK YOU!  You will also be receiving from the Turner’s a very special Thank You card!!  You are appreciated more than you’ll ever know!!

To those who still would like to give, that would be fantastic!!  You can use the LifeSong button on the right side of the blog and donate through their PayPal account.  We need to raise this money ASAP!!  The wheels are in motion and things are going to begin to speed up very quickly!!

Happy New Year!!

L.I.D!!! Can we say…..HAPPY!!



Our official Logged-In Date is 12/21/2011!!  We were so thrilled to find this out!!  This is such a HUGE step in the adoption process.  It means that China has all of our paperwork and we can now be matched with our precious Mollie!! 

Happy New Year!!

Brace Face……………….No More!!

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, about $5,800!!!  What a great Christmas present Taylor received yesterday!  The gift of eating caramels, corn on the cob, and biting into apples and carrots!!  Oh glorious day!!  Enjoy these wonderful gifts from me to you!!

Taylor with braces....

Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit………………………

Taylor without braces!!! Yay!!

Merry Christmas!!
Day 17…………………………………..

Kirklin Assembly of God 2011 Kids Christmas Play! :)

I thought I would give you a sample of our Christmas program we had this past Sunday night at church.  It was super cute and our Children’s Director did a fantastic job as always!!  Hats off to you Cindy and Floyd!!  You are loved and appreciated!! 
BTW, be sure to scroll all the way down, there’s a surprise for you from Kennedy at the end!!
Opening scene!!


The toys coming to life!! They were adorable!


The cutest ballerina’s you’ve ever seen!!

The Grand Finale!!


"Baby Jesus" aka Oren with Nana! He was perfect!!


Kennedy and Floyd....seriously, too cute!!

Merry Christmas!!
Day 14 of our wait for LID…………………….

Christmas Giveaway – Tiffany’s “Joy” Bracelet!!


My friend Mary Jane is fund-raising to bring home her second daughter from China!  She is raffling off a BEAUTIFUL Tiffany’s bracelet!!  Please, please, please click and donate.  She is also featured on the right side of this page under Adoption Blogs. 

Mary Jane is very special to me, I met her at a very critical time in our adoption for Mollie!  She was so helpful to me and I want to do the same!  I’m entering because I want to win!  The bracelet is gorgeous!  Also, it is going for a wonderful cause.  Mary Jane has a beautiful family and a heart for orphans.  Read her story and allow God to speak to you to see what you can do to help this precious family!

Merry Christmas!!

Day 10…………………………..


Christmas Music = LOVE!!

I just love Christmas music!  I have it playing everywhere!  My home, my car, my office.  I just cannot get enough of it!  I think Taylor’s getting a little tired of it.  This morning he got in the car, iPod earbuds in!

I’m not one of those crazy people who play it year round, just from Thanksgiving to New Years.  I only get it 6 weeks out of the year, so I take full advantage of it.  🙂 

I like it all….even the cheesiest of Christmas songs, from “A Marshmallow World” to “Last Christmas” to “O, Holy Night”.  Probably one of my all time favorites is by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and it is called “The Prayer“.  It absolutely brings me to tears when I hear it.

On another note (get it….music…note), I’m now waiting for LID, Logged in Date.  That will be my running date at the bottom of my page from now until we get it!

Day 8 of our wait for LID………………………….

Merry Christmas!!

Hope Ethiopia: 100 Campaign

Children at the Lifesong Ethiopia school  are fed 2 nutritious meals per day, provided with a quality education, and taught the message of Jesus Christ. This gives kids like Beza the hope they need in order to break free from gripping poverty.

We currently have a need to build a 12-room expansion to our existing school, in order to reach more children like Beza. We have been blessed, by the generosity of a donor, to be able to MATCH all donations to the Ziway and Adami Tulu Schools between now and December 31st… up to $130,000!!!

This week, the 5th through the 9th, we invite you to join Hope Ethiopia:100. We are looking for 100 people to give a one-time $100 donation

Joining this team will not only give hope to kids like Beza, but your dollars will be matched AND you’ll be entered into a drawing for a FABULOUS gift basket (details below).

Help us achieve the next $10,000 by being a part of our Hope Ethiopia: 100 Team!

Together we can make a difference in the lives of these kids!  Together we can do more to bring joy and purpose to orphans!

And don’t forget to keep checking the Lifesong blog for updates all week!

*Gift basket includes: $100 itunes or amazon gift card, Lifesong t-shirtLifesong cookbook,Journey On CD, handmade necklaces & note cards by orphans in Zambia, handmade ornament from a child in Ukraine, 5 bags of Gobena coffeeGobena coffee mugGobena t-shirt, andGobena tote bag. This basket is worth over $250!

*To commit via check, please send an email to Make check payable to Lifesong for Orphans, indicate ‘preference Hope Ethiopia: 100’ in the memo.

8th Grade Social Studies “The Project”…….DONE!!!

Whew!!  I’m tired just posting that! 

This has been a very long week!!  “The Project” is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for one who is frustrated easily!  My dining room/kitchen has served as the workshop and has definitely looked the part!  Jeremy and Taylor have been working around the clock to finish.  It doesn’t help when you throw in a busy week on top of trying to get “The Project” done. 

Taylor had to construct Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.  We knew “The Project” was coming, it always comes in the 8th grade.  Doesn’t mean I like it, I just knew it was coming.  I prayed he would get something easy, like the Washington Monument.  Hey, we can shave down a long piece of styrofoam, no problem!  I prayed he would definitely not get Mount Rushmore!!  Those faces scare me!!  We were also informed, don’t spend money on it.  Well I ask you, how do you do “The Project” and not spend money??  It’s probably not impossible, but I dare say improbable.  Jeremy estimates that we have spent $100 on this thing!!  (That number does include gas for the several trips to Hobby Lobby and the hardware store.)   

One thing that “The Project” does is that it brings you together as a family.  My friend Lori pointed that out to me.  Everyone helped out and put some of their time, effort, blood (from the box cutter), tears, and burnt fingers (from the hot glue gun) into it. 

I’m so proud of Taylor!!  He did an amazing job and I believe he felt very accomplished last night at 12:30 a.m.! 

Taylor and the front of Monticello!!
Jeremy and Taylor with the back of Monticello.
Jeremy and Taylor with a side view of Monticello.
Merry Christmas!!



Dossier is en route to China!! Happy Day!

Logan handing our Dossier off to the DHL driver!!

Yesterday was a BIG day for the Turner’s!  Our dossier is officially on it’s way to China!!  (Pause for a huge sigh of relief…………!)  🙂

I cannot believe we have made it to this step in our adoption, what a journey so far!!  We have been blessed so many times along the way!  I’m getting teary as I type this just remembering all of God’s blessings and faithfulness!

One of the biggest blessings to us has been our adoption agency, Lifeline Children’s Services!  What a lovely group of people that truly care about you!!  Logan Gibbons, our International Adoption Specialist with Lifeline, has been absolutely wonderful to work with.  I love when I email or call her and she responds….and not only responds, but very quickly!!  Talk about making a lasting impact, she has!  I emailed her right before Thanksgiving and I received back an auto-reply from her email account that she had already left and would be back on Monday.  That was fine, my email did not concern anything of great importance, I just had some good news to share.  Literally, not 5 minutes later, I got an email from her stating how happy she was for us! 

Logan has absolutely has gone above and beyond and Jeremy and I feel so very blessed to have Lifeline on our side as we go on this journey of adoption! 

So this blog today is to say a huge THANK YOU to Logan Gibbons and Lifeline Children’s Services!!  Jeremy and I are so happy to be working with you and pray God’s continual blessings and favor on your ministry!!

Merry Christmas!!