Whew!!  I’m tired just posting that! 

This has been a very long week!!  “The Project” is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for one who is frustrated easily!  My dining room/kitchen has served as the workshop and has definitely looked the part!  Jeremy and Taylor have been working around the clock to finish.  It doesn’t help when you throw in a busy week on top of trying to get “The Project” done. 

Taylor had to construct Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.  We knew “The Project” was coming, it always comes in the 8th grade.  Doesn’t mean I like it, I just knew it was coming.  I prayed he would get something easy, like the Washington Monument.  Hey, we can shave down a long piece of styrofoam, no problem!  I prayed he would definitely not get Mount Rushmore!!  Those faces scare me!!  We were also informed, don’t spend money on it.  Well I ask you, how do you do “The Project” and not spend money??  It’s probably not impossible, but I dare say improbable.  Jeremy estimates that we have spent $100 on this thing!!  (That number does include gas for the several trips to Hobby Lobby and the hardware store.)   

One thing that “The Project” does is that it brings you together as a family.  My friend Lori pointed that out to me.  Everyone helped out and put some of their time, effort, blood (from the box cutter), tears, and burnt fingers (from the hot glue gun) into it. 

I’m so proud of Taylor!!  He did an amazing job and I believe he felt very accomplished last night at 12:30 a.m.! 

Taylor and the front of Monticello!!
Jeremy and Taylor with the back of Monticello.
Jeremy and Taylor with a side view of Monticello.
Merry Christmas!!