We had our first official fund-raiser last night and I have good news and bad news.  First the bad news, we did not take 1 picture!  We are sad excuses for “bloggers”!!  A friend of mine from our church even made up a couple of  the greatest t-shirts ever, and still I did not get a picture!  We are supposed to wear them again tomorrow to church, so I will for sure have someone snap a picture of us!  We’ve also decided that we are going to have some of these t-shirts professionally made and us that as a fund-raiser as well!!

The good news is that we raised $950!!  God is faithful!  It was a beautiful evening and the weather was wonderful.  We didn’t have as many people show up as I wished, but it was still a great event!  A huge thanks goes out to all of our volunteers that graciously gave of their own time and helped us!  It definitely could not have been done without you!  We know that you will reap the reward of God’s blessings!  We love you!!!