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“Wow”, that’s all I can say, is “Wow”

Great is Thy Faithfulness……

This song is running through my head right now.

Let me just share with you how faithful God has been to my family over the last few weeks.

We decided to have a Hog Roast as one last big fund-raiser to bring Mollie home.

Our friend from college, Russ Ewing, was coming from Ohio to cook for it.

My friends Mike and Lisa Lawler donated 2 hogs to us, plus their time to get them processed for the dinner.

My friends Brandan and Stephanie O’Neal offered the use of their freezer to store our precious hogs.

My friends Gloria Brocksmith and Melinda Jobe asked if we could do a Silent Auction at the dinner, then graciously started donating beautiful, wonderful items for the auction.

Then Russ emailed me saying because of work conflict, he would not be able to make it to Indiana.  He felt horrible!!  I reassured him it would be fine, God would work it out!!

So we needed someone to cook 2 hogs for us……

Jeremy called our friend Pam Clements to see if she could give us any names.  The funny thing was, Pam was calling Jeremy at the SAME time!!  She was calling because her daughter Bethany, is getting married June 16th and they need a minister to preform the ceremony.  Oh, ok, he can do that.  He’s a minister.  Their problem solved.

Jeremy told her of our situation and asked if she knew of anyone that would cook our hogs for us.

She did.

Her future son-in-law.


I think you know where this story is going.  🙂

Jeremy offered to preform the ceremony for Bethany and Brent.

Bethany and Brent offered to cook our hogs for us.

Our problem solved.

We needed to get our hogs out of the freezer and into a refrigerator so they could defrost before Saturday.

Our solution, get 2 small swimming pools and keep them in the garage on ice.

Problem, ice is expensive!!

Jeremy went to our gas station this morning to purchase more ice when the owner asked him what he needed so much ice for.

(We live in a small town, we don’t mind sharing!!)

Owner of gas station tells Jeremy they have plenty of room, we can store them there.  Problem solved.

We have absolutely seen the faithfulness of God in the last few weeks.

We’ve seen His hand in our lives so many times before and the thing is, is that it usually happens in the 9th hour!!  When you need it the most.

I’m so grateful for everyone that has donated their time, money, talent, or words of encouragement to help us with this adoption.

I may not be able to reward you on earth, but your reward will be that much sweeter in Heaven.

Great is Thy Faithfulness, Great is Thy Faithfulness

Morning by morning new mercies I see.

All I have needed Thy hand hath provided,

Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me.

Item #30 – Hand Sculpted Nativity from Guatemala

Terracotta Pottery

Families sculpt each piece by hand, dry it in the sun, paint it with a red clay slip, polish it, and then finally fire it.  The firing process involves placing the objects on a grate above a pine bark fire with a covering of grass for 2-3 hours.  The occasional unique black spot can sometimes be found on the piece and is a tribute to this ancient firing process.

Handmade from the riverbed clay of the Chenautla area of Guatemala

Shipping:  Winner’s bid plus $5.50

Item #29 – Stone and Alpaca Silver Necklace

Stone and Alpaca silver necklace
Alpaca Silver is an alloy that does not tarnish. 
Handmade in Ecuador
Shipping:  Winner’s Bid plus $2.50

Item #28 – Hand-woven Bolga Basket from Ghana

These African baskets are woven by the indigenous Frafra people in Northern Ghana.  

The weaving group has a mission:  to assist the poor, rural women of Northern Ghana in earning decent incomes fromthe fruits of their labors in order to care for their children.  When the woman can create an income, the trickle-down effect puts food into the bowl of a child, and is a way of promoting self-esteem for the women, children, and village.

This basket took approximately 3 days to complete.

Baskets can be reshaped by spraying with water and then shaping.  Soaking the basket in a tub of water for about 30 seconds works well if the basket has been flattened for travel.  You can reshape your basket as many time as necessary without damaging the basket!!

The size of this basket is H 11″ x L 16 1/2″ x W 9 1/4″

Shipping:  Winner’s Bid plus $5.50

Item #27 – Hand-Carved Alabaster Nativity Miniature Ornaments from Peru

Hand-carved miniature alabaster nativity ornaments from Peru.

These are absolutely gorgeous!!  The detail is amazing!!

Shipping:  Winner’s Bid plus $5.50

Item #26 – Freshwater pearl earrings

Freshwater pearl earrings
Six pairs of different color freshwater pearl earrings in silverplate.
Shipping:  Winner’s Bid plus $2.50

Item #25 – A set of 3 Unique Silver-plated bracelets

A set of 3 Unique Silver-plated bracelets

Shipping:  Winner’s Bid plus $2.50

Item #24 – Elegant silverplate bracelet

Elegant silverplate bracelet

Shipping:  Winner’s Bid plus $2.50

Item #23 – Jade and goldplate bracelet

Jade and goldplate bracelet.
Look fashionable in this goldplate and jade necklace.  A must have!
Shipping:  Winner’s bid plus $2.50

Item #22 – 11 different gemstones with silverplate necklace

11 different gemstones with silverplate necklace.
Gemstones include: amethyst, red jasper, crystal, howlite, aventurine, pink quartz, tigers’s eye, hematite, new jade, rose quartz, and goldstone
Shipping:  Winner’s bid plus $5.50