These African baskets are woven by the indigenous Frafra people in Northern Ghana.  

The weaving group has a mission:  to assist the poor, rural women of Northern Ghana in earning decent incomes fromthe fruits of their labors in order to care for their children.  When the woman can create an income, the trickle-down effect puts food into the bowl of a child, and is a way of promoting self-esteem for the women, children, and village.

This basket took approximately 3 days to complete.

Baskets can be reshaped by spraying with water and then shaping.  Soaking the basket in a tub of water for about 30 seconds works well if the basket has been flattened for travel.  You can reshape your basket as many time as necessary without damaging the basket!!

The size of this basket is H 11″ x L 16 1/2″ x W 9 1/4″

Shipping:  Winner’s Bid plus $5.50