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This wait is tiresome……

55 days so far……..

for one step to be done……

i realize that it’s in God’s timing, i really do, but sometimes…….

and the thing is, there are others that have waited so.  much.  longer.  than i have……

it’s seriously, just not fair……

but who says life is fair……….

the good news is, that once we have LOA in hand, we are about 3 months to travel!!

there is a light at the end of the tunnel…….

i just cannot see it yet……

day 55 of our wait for LOA……………………ugh……..

If we want to drive to China…..:)

Another adoptive mom posted something similar to this and I just thought it was too funny!!

I love step #29 and #104!!

Driving directions to Taiyuan, Shanxi, China
This route has tolls.
This route includes a ferry.
Indianapolis International Airport
7800 Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46241
1. Head northwest on Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Dr
1.9 mi
2. Slight left onto the ramp to I-70 E
0.1 mi
3. Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-70 E
0.5 mi
4. Keep right at the fork, follow signs forInterstate 465 S/Interstate 74 E
1.5 mi
5. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-70 E/I-465 N/I-74 W/Indianapolis and merge onto I-70 E
1.5 mi
6. Take exit 73B for Interstate 465 N/Interstate 74 W
0.2 mi
7. Merge onto I-465 N
10.1 mi
8. Take exit 20 on the left for Interstate 65 N toward Chicago
1.0 mi
9. Merge onto I-65 N
138 mi
10. Take exit 262 for I-90 toward Illinois/Ohio
0.5 mi
11. Merge onto I- 90 Access Rd

Partial toll road
0.1 mi
12. Merge onto I-90 W via the ramp toChicago

Partial toll road
24.3 mi
13. Merge onto I-90 W/I-94 W
15.6 mi
14. Slight left onto I-90 W (signs forInterstate 90 W/Kennedy Expressway/O’Hare/Rockford)

Partial toll road
163 mi
15. Continue straight onto I-94 W
227 mi
16. Slight right to stay on I-94 W (signs forMinneapolis)
843 mi
17. Merge onto I-90 W
228 mi
18. Merge onto I-15 S
7.6 mi
19. Slight left onto I-90 W
587 mi
20. Take exit 2C to merge onto I-5 N towardVancouver B.C
2.1 mi
21. Take exit 167 on the left toward Mercer Street
0.7 mi
22. Keep right at the fork, follow signs forMercer St/Seattle Center and merge ontoFairview Ave N
499 ft
23. Turn left onto Valley St
0.2 mi
24. Turn right onto Westlake Ave N
1.6 mi
25. Slight right onto Fremont Ave N
0.2 mi
26. Turn right onto N 34th St
0.3 mi
27. Turn right onto Stone Way N
125 ft
28. Slight left onto N Northlake Way
0.2 mi
29. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
2,756 mi
30. Continue straight
0.1 mi
31. Turn left onto Kuilima Dr
0.5 mi
32. Take the 3rd right onto HI-83 W
12.4 mi
33. Continue straight onto HI-99 S/Kamehameha Hwy
6.5 mi
34. Slight left onto HI-80 S/Kamehameha Hwy

Continue to follow Kamehameha Hwy
2.1 mi
35. Take the Interstate H-2 S ramp toHonolulu
0.2 mi
36. Merge onto I-H-2 S
7.9 mi
37. Merge onto I-H-1 E
4.7 mi
38. Take exit 13B toward Halawa Hts. Stadium
0.3 mi
39. Merge onto I-H-201 E
4.1 mi
40. Merge onto I-H-1 E
4.1 mi
41. Take exit 23 for Punahou St towardWaikiki/Manoa
0.2 mi
42. Turn right onto Punahou St
0.1 mi
43. Take the 1st right onto S Beretania St
0.1 mi
44. Take the 1st left onto Kalakaua Ave
1.9 mi
45. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
3,879 mi
46. Turn left toward ??275??
0.4 mi
47. Turn left toward ??275??
358 ft
48. Turn left toward ??275??
0.2 mi
49. Turn right onto ??275??
0.1 mi
50. Turn left onto ??125??
0.1 mi
51. Turn right onto ??24??
0.6 mi
52. Turn left at ???????? onto ??354??
2.0 mi
53. Turn right at ?????????? to stay on ??354??
1.0 mi
54. Take the ramp to ??????

Toll road
0.3 mi
55. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for ?? and merge onto ??????

Toll road
23.8 mi
56. Take exit ????? on the right toward ??????????

Toll road
0.7 mi
57. Merge onto ????6????

Toll road
5.8 mi
58. Take exit ????? toward ??????

Toll road
0.3 mi
59. Merge onto ?????????

Toll road
0.4 mi
60. Take exit ????? on the right toward ??

Toll road
0.3 mi
61. Merge onto ????6????

Toll road
5.4 mi
62. Take exit ?????? on the right toward ???????

Toll road
0.4 mi
63. Merge onto ?????????

Toll road
3.8 mi
64. Take exit ????? on the right toward ?????

Toll road
0.3 mi
65. Merge onto ????3????

Toll road
6.9 mi
66. Continue onto ??????

Toll road
189 mi
67. Take exit ????? toward ??????????????????????????????

Toll road
0.3 mi
68. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for ????????????? and merge onto????????

Toll road
19.8 mi
69. Take the ramp onto ????????

Toll road
12.1 mi
70. Take exit ?????? on the right toward ???????????

Toll road
0.6 mi
71. Merge onto ???????

Toll road
13.8 mi
72. Take exit ????? toward ?????????

Toll road
0.6 mi
73. Merge onto ???????

Toll road
30.9 mi
74. Take exit ????? toward ????????????????

Toll road
0.2 mi
75. Take exit ???? on the right toward??

Toll road
0.5 mi
76. Merge onto ??????

Toll road
30.1 mi
77. Take exit ????? toward ?????????????

Toll road
1.1 mi
78. Merge onto ??????

Toll road
18.8 mi
79. Take exit ????? toward ?????????

Toll road
0.9 mi
80. Merge onto ??????

Toll road
192 mi
81. Take exit ?????? on the right toward ??????????

Toll road
0.9 mi
82. Merge onto ??????

Toll road
7.3 mi
83. Take the ramp onto ??????

Toll road
59.2 mi
84. Take exit ????? on the right toward ??????????

Toll road
0.8 mi
85. Merge onto ??????

Toll road
39.9 mi
86. Continue onto ???

Toll road
5.9 mi
87. Continue onto ?????? (signs for?????????)

Toll road
215 mi
88. Take exit ??????? toward ?????????????????

Toll road
0.2 mi
89. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for ??????????? and merge onto ??3??

Partial toll road
0.4 mi
90. Take exit ??????? on the right toward ????

Toll road
0.4 mi
91. Merge onto ??????????(??~????)/?????

Toll road
12.7 mi
92. Take the ramp to ??3??

Partial toll road
0.9 mi
93. Turn left at ????????????onto ??3?? (signs for ??????)
4.5 mi
94. Turn left at ????????? onto??38??
1.0 mi
95. Turn right
0.2 mi
96. Turn left
0.1 mi
97. Turn left
351 ft
98. Take the ???~?~??~??~??ferry

Partial toll road
40.3 mi
99. Turn left toward ??349??
174 ft
100. Turn right toward ??349??
187 ft
101. Turn left onto ??349??
5.4 mi
102. Turn right to stay on ??349??
1.2 mi
103. Turn left onto ??350??
2.1 mi
104. Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean
486 mi
105. Continue straight onto ????
0.2 mi
106. Turn left onto ???
0.4 mi
107. Continue onto ???
0.4 mi
108. Slight right to stay on ???
0.3 mi
109. Turn left onto ????
0.1 mi
110. Take the 1st right onto ???
0.8 mi
111. Slight right to stay on ???
0.2 mi
112. Take the ramp on the left onto S20????
13.1 mi
113. Take exit G2/G42/???/?? towardG2????
0.3 mi
114. Keep right at the fork and merge ontoG2????

Partial toll road
72.7 mi
115. Continue straight onto G42????

Partial toll road
94.9 mi
116. Take exit G36/???? to merge ontoG36????

Partial toll road
316 mi
117. Take exit G4?/??/?? to merge onto G4?????

Toll road
104 mi
118. Take exit ????/S86/??/?? to merge onto S86????

Toll road
12.6 mi
119. Continue onto ?????

Toll road
24.7 mi
120. Merge onto G5512????

Partial toll road
35.6 mi
121. Take the exit on the left onto G55????

Toll road
176 mi
122. Take exit ???/???? toward ????

Toll road
0.3 mi
123. Keep left at the fork and merge onto ????

Partial toll road
9.2 mi
124. Exit onto ??????
315 ft
125. Turn right onto the ramp to ???
0.1 mi
126. Continue straight onto ???
0.5 mi
127. Turn right onto ???
0.2 mi
128. Turn right
157 ft
Taiyuan, Shanxi
Day 51 of our wait for LOA…………………………………:(

Good news!!

Our Lifesong matching grant of $3,000 has been fulfilled!!  We did it!!  Or should I say, you did it!!

I received word that our goal has been met!  What a relief!  Finally, some very good news.

To all that donated, I thank you!  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!!  If I could take you all out to dinner and show my thanks, I truly would!!  But let me just tell you, there are a bunch of you!!  🙂

If you ever want to make a person feel loved, you have.  My family and I feel it more than ever!!  And, we appreciate it more than ever!!

I will focus on that today, the love that I feel from our family and friends because everything else about this adoption is putting me again in the depths of despair!

We have officially been waiting now for over 7 weeks for our LOA.  Ugh!!

As I watch the adoption online boards, there are families that are just now getting their LOA’s and one has been waiting for 150 days!!  That is AWFUL!!  Another family received their LOA after 33 days!!  WHAT??

There truly is no rhyme or reason to why they come as late or as quickly as they do.  It is what it is!!

Well, there is one reason why they come early, it’s a medical expedite.  If your child has special needs that require medical intervention quickly, they can hurry you through the  process.  I am thankful that Peanut does not need medical intervention right now, she just needs her family!  And her family needs her.

So, I will wait.

I will wait for my children’s passports to come in.

I will wait for the ever illusive LOA to show up!!

I will wait because no matter what I do, I cannot make them materialize out of thin air.  (But do not think I haven’t tried!!  I have thought positive all week!!)

I so wish this is where I was waiting!! 🙂

Day 50 of our wait for LOA………………………………..:(

We are famous!! ;)

Our family received a $3,000 grant from Katelyn’s Fund a few months ago.  We were one of their featured families in their February 2012 newsletter.  Take a look!

Katelyn’s Fund February 2012 Newsletter

Oh, and if you’d like more information on Katelyn’s Fund, I have their button on the right side of this page!!  🙂


Day 49 of our wait for LOA…………………………..

Just a little depressed…..

Ok, I realize that I have not kept up with this blog like I should.  I told myself I was going to post everyday to it, yeah, that didn’t turn out.

Then I told myself I would post every other day to it, we see how that’s gone.

Now I’m finding that if I post something weekly, I’m doing good!!  😉

I think it’s just the waiting around for the paperwork to be processed and approved.  It wears on you!!

I’m also waiting for an update on Peanut, but I still haven’t gotten one of those either!!

1 Samuel 30:6 says “but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.”

He found he could place very little confidence in his men; and, as he was conscious that this evil had not happened either through his neglect or folly, he saw he might the more confidently expect succor from his Maker. ~ Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible

So I must use this as my prayer today.

But if you get a chance, pray for me!  Pray for this LOA process.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why the wait is what it is.  We could wait as little as 60 days, but upward of 150 days!!  After you receive LOA, then you are about 3 months to travel.  So if we got LOA tomorrow, that would put us leaving for China by the end of May!  Perfect!  Kids are out of school!!  🙂

Day 48 of our wait for LOA……………………………………….

Jeremy is hob-nobbing with celebrities!! (Well Reality Stars, but still) Lucky!!


Jeremy with Austin Andrews from the Biggest Loser!!

I LOVE the show The Biggest Loser!!  I’ve been addicted to it since it came on!

I love watching other people work out, cry, puke, pass out!  It’s my thing!!

I LOVE Bob Harper!!  I LOVED Jillian when she was still there!!

I am starting to LOVE Dolvett!  His huge smile is infectious!

So imagine my jealousy when I see whom my hubby is standing next too in Phoenix!!  I’m crazy happy for Jeremy, seriously bummed for myself!!

Oh well, I guess I’ll survive!  🙁

Day 41 for our wait for LOA…………………………………..:(

Junior National Honor Society Induction!! AWESOME!!

Where do I start to begin to say how proud I am of my son Taylor?

This kid is fabulous!  He is smart, kind, thoughtful, and funny!!  Yes, I said funny!!  I know he is quiet and shy, but get him out of his shell and you’ll meet a completely different guy!

He was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society last night at Clinton Central. To say that Jeremy and I were not bursting with pride, would be a lie.  I ALWAYS wanted to be in National Honor Society, but I just didn’t have the brains for it.  I know, it’s hard to believe!!  😉

Taylor was nominated last year, but never filled out his application.  So for him to get this honor again, he did not take it lightly.

I would like to thank the administration at CCHS for seeing the importance of this program and for allowing our school to participate.

We had a blast last night and here are some pictures and video to prove it…..

Dr. Shand welcoming everyone!

Kennedy trying to be quiet as she eats her Funyuns!! Yep, that's a quiet snack!! 😉

Current 8th grade members of NJHS.

Taylor waiting.....

Kyle lighting the candle for Service.

Taking the Pledge


Receiving his certificate

Receiving his pin

LOVE this face he's making!!

All of the 2012 nominees.

Hanging out after the ceremony.

Kennedy hanging out after the ceremony!!

Proud sister!!

Taylor and Kyle, friends since Kindergarten! They look so grown up!!

This one cracked me up!!! I had to add it!!

Very proud parents!!

Again, very proud parents, but notice the certificate!! Way to go NJHS student!! 🙂

Taylor you amaze your Dad and me daily.  We are so thankful God gave you to us. You make us proud everyday of your life.  We love you!

Day 35 for our wait for LOA…………………………

A doll for my precious China baby…..yes, please!!

When I first saw my Peanut’s face, I knew she needed a baby doll.  Every little girl needs a doll.

I LOVED dolls, especially Barbie dolls.  I played with them till I was 14 years old!! That’s my son’s age by the way, and I cannot imagine my daughter playing with them still!!

But that was 20+ years ago, a completely different time and age in the land before technology ruled the world!

Ok, back to the subject, dolls!!!

Kennedy received an American Girl doll several Christmas’ ago, and she loved it, still loves it.  We get her out every now and then and brush her hair.  She is beautiful, she is a Just Like Me doll.  Meaning she was custom ordered to look like Kennedy.  She has brown hair and brown eyes.  She is perfect.  Her name is Holly due to her being a Christmas present.

But Mollie, what do we get her?  She’s too little for an American Girl doll, but I’m sure there is one in her future.  🙂

I was looking for a doll that looked like Mollie.  I want her to know that we have thought about her, and her culture.  I want her to have a doll that represents who she is and how precious she is to Jeremy and myself.  I want a doll for Mollie that looks Just. Like. Her.

Then I found it!!  From another adoptive mom!!

Baby Be Blessed Dolls is a website that I LOVE!!  These dolls are precious and represent more than just a toy.

Our mission and deepest desire is for each child to come to know, understand and live for Jesus Christ.


Needless to say, Mollie will be getting a doll from this very special ministry!

Thank you to Baby Be Blessed Dolls for your ministry to children!!  I appreciate it!

Day 34 of our wait for LOA……………………..


Jing Xiu means “Beautiful View”

I did a little research to find out what my daughter’s name meant, and I was thrilled to see the meaning.

Beautiful View!!  I absolutely have to agree!!

I cannot wait till I get to see her with my own eyes to look upon my “Beautiful View”!!

Day 28 of our wait for LOA…………………………………