When I first saw my Peanut’s face, I knew she needed a baby doll.  Every little girl needs a doll.

I LOVED dolls, especially Barbie dolls.  I played with them till I was 14 years old!! That’s my son’s age by the way, and I cannot imagine my daughter playing with them still!!

But that was 20+ years ago, a completely different time and age in the land before technology ruled the world!

Ok, back to the subject, dolls!!!

Kennedy received an American Girl doll several Christmas’ ago, and she loved it, still loves it.  We get her out every now and then and brush her hair.  She is beautiful, she is a Just Like Me doll.  Meaning she was custom ordered to look like Kennedy.  She has brown hair and brown eyes.  She is perfect.  Her name is Holly due to her being a Christmas present.

But Mollie, what do we get her?  She’s too little for an American Girl doll, but I’m sure there is one in her future.  🙂

I was looking for a doll that looked like Mollie.  I want her to know that we have thought about her, and her culture.  I want her to have a doll that represents who she is and how precious she is to Jeremy and myself.  I want a doll for Mollie that looks Just. Like. Her.

Then I found it!!  From another adoptive mom!!

Baby Be Blessed Dolls is a website that I LOVE!!  These dolls are precious and represent more than just a toy.

Our mission and deepest desire is for each child to come to know, understand and live for Jesus Christ.


Needless to say, Mollie will be getting a doll from this very special ministry!

Thank you to Baby Be Blessed Dolls for your ministry to children!!  I appreciate it!

Day 34 of our wait for LOA……………………..