Where do I start to begin to say how proud I am of my son Taylor?

This kid is fabulous!  He is smart, kind, thoughtful, and funny!!  Yes, I said funny!!  I know he is quiet and shy, but get him out of his shell and you’ll meet a completely different guy!

He was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society last night at Clinton Central. To say that Jeremy and I were not bursting with pride, would be a lie.  I ALWAYS wanted to be in National Honor Society, but I just didn’t have the brains for it.  I know, it’s hard to believe!!  😉

Taylor was nominated last year, but never filled out his application.  So for him to get this honor again, he did not take it lightly.

I would like to thank the administration at CCHS for seeing the importance of this program and for allowing our school to participate.

We had a blast last night and here are some pictures and video to prove it…..

Dr. Shand welcoming everyone!
Kennedy trying to be quiet as she eats her Funyuns!! Yep, that's a quiet snack!! 😉
Current 8th grade members of NJHS.
Taylor waiting.....
Kyle lighting the candle for Service.
Taking the Pledge




Receiving his certificate
Receiving his pin
LOVE this face he's making!!
All of the 2012 nominees.
Hanging out after the ceremony.
Kennedy hanging out after the ceremony!!
Proud sister!!
Taylor and Kyle, friends since Kindergarten! They look so grown up!!
This one cracked me up!!! I had to add it!!
Very proud parents!!
Again, very proud parents, but notice the certificate!! Way to go NJHS student!! 🙂

Taylor you amaze your Dad and me daily.  We are so thankful God gave you to us. You make us proud everyday of your life.  We love you!

Day 35 for our wait for LOA…………………………