Oh. My. Gosh!!

This is how I feel....

I have nothing to say….very sad…..

And I realize that it is all in God’s timing.

Day 91 of our wait for LOA……………………..:(

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  1. Marjorie Harris says:

    Love the pic! It perfectly matches your mood!! I’m sorry this process is draining. I know you want to scream….especially to those in charge. Don’t they realize that the sooner Mollie goes through this process, the younger she is, the better????? When we waited almost a year while trying to adopt Chad, there were days I honestly believed in my heart that we would never get that call. Heidi, I didn’t even have another child, as you do, to love on and hold to while waiting. Steve and I both would cry out to God to make something happen. The weeks became months, and months droaned on and on and almost a year to the day, we received that unbelievable call that they had a baby boy for us. I was working at a floral shop in Ft. Morgan, just 11 miles from Brush. Steve got the call, drove over to where I was working and walked in the front door with a silly grin on his face. Walked right up to me and said, “Guess what?….Susan called and they have a baby boy for us!” I literally went crazy. Couldn’t remember what I was supposed to be doing, and thankfully I had a sweet boss who saw my confused excitement and told me to go home! We left the next day to drive to Pueblo to see our baby boy for the first time. Had just seen a picture of him the day before, but the anticipation of going to that foster home and waiting to look at him for that first time, to hold him, and to realize that he was our very special gift from God. There is absolutely no feeling like it, when your heart has yearned so for that feeling. We left the foster home with him, and drove straight to J.C. Penny’s and bought some clothes, a stroller, and bottles, etc. We were living a fairy tale in our hearts. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I loved him from the moment I held him. He was ‘ours’ and we were his. Hang on Heidi. . .the wonderful meeting at the end of this waiting is going to be so sweet. There’ll be tears and laughter, and unbelievable anticipation. You’re living in the ‘quiet before the storm’ time. HA! Life as you four know it is about to dramatically change. That little peanut will become the center of your world. Can’t wait. Praying for you. Your cousin…..Marj

    • heidi says:

      Thank you for your post!! I loved reading Chad’s story!! You also made me cry!! 🙂 I so appreciate that you get what this process is. It’s heartbreaking! I’m also going to try and keep things in perspective. My niece is dealing with more than I could imagine, and so my “waiting” does not seem so hard when compared with what others are going through.
      Thank you for the prayers and encouraging words, they mean absolutely more than anyone knows.
      I love you!!

  2. Heather says:

    I’m sorry. Please know my compassion goes out to you. The waiting is SO HARD! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it will show up any day now!


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