This just in…..UPDATED PICTURES!!

I am beside myself with excitement!!

I contacted a company to help me with updates Thursday evening and by Friday morning I had new measurements of Mollie.

Well, what do I have in my email this morning you ask???  Updated pictures!!

This is the best $50 ever spent in the lifetime of money being spent!!

I’ll stop talking so you can drink in her sweetness!!  Because she is precious!!

Jeremy and I LOVE this picture!!

"Sassy Pants"

You can tell this is our Mollie!!


This is the current information we received from them as well!!

 1.      Physical Development:

–         Can walk, run, jump and go up and down the stairs.

–         Could kick the ball and squat down to play.

–         Could turn the doorknob and put the lid on.

–         Be able to use the spoon to eat by herself.

2.       Language Development?

–         Can say short sentense,e.g ‘Granny,time for eat’.

–         Could understand the adult’s instruction and follow.

3.       Interacting with Others:

–         Likes playing with other children

–         She is out-going.

–         Likes to join group activities or games.

–        Gets well along with people, particularly close to the foster mother (granny).

4.       Likes and dislikes

–         Likes playing stuffed animal and cellphone.

–         Candy is her favorite.

–         She is not picky.

5.       Others:

–         Being Potty-trained,she will tell if she needs to go potty.

–         Currently she is healthy.

Thank you to my dear friend Tammy Manea for directing me to!!  What a God send you are to me!!

Day 110 of our wait for LOA…………………………:(  Seriously, this cannot come soon enough now that I have new pictures!!

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10 Responses
  1. Jeremy Turner says:

    Congrats….she is so adorable!

  2. Lisa Shaw says:

    She is absolutely beautiful guys! So excited for you. She looks so much bigger!

    • heidi says:

      Thanks Lisa!! She does look bigger, but don’t let the pictures fool you! She is tiny!! We’ve been using measuring tape to compare her size to everything!! We are beyond the moon excited!! 🙂

  3. Jeanine Kaminski says:

    Love the new pictures! It made me want some of our sweet girl. Praying your LOA comes quickly this week!! You and the others are at the top of our prayers!

  4. lacie stowers says:

    I love that we got some news!! Yes, I sad “we.” I feel like she is a part of us as well! We are so anxious for her to be here! She is so adorable. She will fit right in with your household!!

  5. Liz Newell says:

    Well, Just look at your little peanut with the beautiful hair,,ready for cute Lilybug hairbows!! She looks so healthy, happy and full of joy..She has been taken care of till her momma and Daddy come to bring her home. I am over-joy for you guys…My heart is full for all of you.
    Love you soul seeesta,

    • heidi says:

      Agreed on the hairbows!! I’m gonna need to start getting more and more!! My heart is very full today as well!! Now, if that crazy LOA would just show up at my agency, my day would be complete!! 🙂
      Love you too!! Fo Shizzle!!

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