I am beside myself with excitement!!

I contacted a company to help me with updates Thursday evening and by Friday morning I had new measurements of Mollie.

Well, what do I have in my email this morning you ask???  Updated pictures!!

This is the best $50 ever spent in the lifetime of money being spent!!

I’ll stop talking so you can drink in her sweetness!!  Because she is precious!!

Jeremy and I LOVE this picture!!

"Sassy Pants"
You can tell this is our Mollie!!


This is the current information we received from them as well!!

 1.      Physical Development:

–         Can walk, run, jump and go up and down the stairs.

–         Could kick the ball and squat down to play.

–         Could turn the doorknob and put the lid on.

–         Be able to use the spoon to eat by herself.

2.       Language Development?

–         Can say short sentense,e.g ‘Granny,time for eat’.

–         Could understand the adult’s instruction and follow.

3.       Interacting with Others:

–         Likes playing with other children

–         She is out-going.

–         Likes to join group activities or games.

–        Gets well along with people, particularly close to the foster mother (granny).

4.       Likes and dislikes

–         Likes playing stuffed animal and cellphone.

–         Candy is her favorite.

–         She is not picky.

5.       Others:

–         Being Potty-trained,she will tell if she needs to go potty.

–         Currently she is healthy.

Thank you to my dear friend Tammy Manea for directing me to www.chinaadoptionhelp.com!!  What a God send you are to me!!

Day 110 of our wait for LOA…………………………:(  Seriously, this cannot come soon enough now that I have new pictures!!