Day 12 – Free day, sort of….

Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard about the Typhoon that is hitting Hong Kong, but we are getting poured on here in Guangzhou!!

We are actually flying out of Hong Kong Friday morning!!

I think we’ll be fine, but pray for us!

Today was yet again a very good day.

Mollie has come a long way in just a little over a week!

To watch her you would never guess she is the same little girl we met last Monday!!

What a miracle God is doing in her heart!!

We had a “free day” yesterday so we went back to the 4 story shopping center!!

Taking a taxi is an event!!  We have so much fun doing it!

It was actually Taylor’s first time to ever ride in one.

We went back and I bought for my girls and myself these beautiful little jade heart necklaces.

I feel like they represent the new heart that God has given not only Mollie Xiu but also myself.

She had a broken heart when she was born, it was repaired by surgery.

She had a broken heart when she left her foster family, it is in the process of being repaired.

Our heart necklaces will remind us of what God has done for all of us.

How He has adopted us.

This experience has been such a spiritual experience for me.

I am starting to understand more of the Father’s heart!!

How we are unwilling at first to come to Him, but He is patient!

I love that!!

Thank you Lord for being patient!!

Thank you Lord for adopting me even when I was unwilling!

So after we went shopping, we came back to the fabulous Garden Hotel.

We were soaked!!

It is raining and raining hard!!

We thought we’d have about 45 minutes to rest and dry out, but our guide told us that plans had changed and that we were leaving in 5 minutes to go to Shamain Island!!

So we got up and off we went!!

This place is where the adoptive families would stay while in GZ.

It is home to the famous White Swan Hotel and Victory Hotel.

There used to be shops galore!!

But the White Swan is closed for renovations, so a lot of the shops have closed..:(

It is a beautiful place!!

Of course, we were walking around in the rain!!!

We did get some of the famous photo ops with the statues and of course we ate at Lucy’s!!

We had fun, I’m so glad we went!!

I need to go back!!  I didn’t get to visit all the shops I wanted to!!

It was a good day!!

Sorry for the thumbnail pics, I will change later!!

In the lobby of The Garden Hotel

The Garden lobby

Front desk at The Garden Hotel....awesome!!

The Tea Bar in the lobby of The Garden

Front desk..

Ceiling in the lobby

Lobby again…..:) Do you get how lovely just the lobby was??

Spiral staircase……awesome!!

My 3 gorgeous kiddos on the wooden, spiral staircase

Getting a giggle!!

LOVE this picture!!!

Taxi ride to the mall!!

Jeremy in the front seat of the taxi!

Four story mall!!

It was massive!!

Jade shopping!!

It was packed!!

Mollie and her friend at lunch!!

Plaza area outside the mall

Plaza area..

These were pets, not food!!!

Kennedy and Mollie on Shamain Island after our first purchase of “squeaky shoes”!! She loves them!!

Famous statue on the island. Every adopted child has their picture taken here!!

Love this!!

Loved this one too!!

Seriously, she is just too cute!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!!

Lucy’s is famous for adoptive families!! It was also fantastic!!!

Lucy’s famous Iced Tea!!


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5 Responses
  1. Maryann says:

    Awwwww….Lucy’s!!! Our favorite restaurant in China by far. Okay…so is it wierd that when we were picking up Bella there was a Typhoon too!! We were unable to fly into Hong Kong and had to fly from GZ to home….We are so linked in our travel experiences!! Love, love the picture of the kids sandwiching Mollie’s lil’ face in a kiss. priceless!! Have fun on your final days in China.

  2. Sherry says:

    She is just soooo cute. I was looking at some of the other familys journey that is to the right side of the page, and Heidi you have done the BEST job with your blog. You really tell a wonderful story with wonderful pictures about your familys trip, it makes the readers want to come back everyday so they can read this wonderful story:)

  3. Wilma Turner says:

    Two more days! Love wins everytime!!! She can feel your love, she can see your love in your eyes!!! The bonding time you have there with no home reponsibilities is really a great time. Will pray for a safe trip home! 🙂

  4. Liz newell says:

    I just had to giggle when I seen the photo of Mollie sticking out her tongue while sitting on the panda. My Lily to a tee!!! Well she is surely letting us see her personalily!! I love it…Cant wait to meet her…Enjoy GZ..We did!! Love you,

  5. rajeana says:

    love these pics heidi!….ok i know y’all are loving your time in China but eeeeeek! 2 MORE DAYS and we get to see your faces! 🙂

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