Day 4 – Gotcha Day

Heidi is busy holding our grieving little girl. So I (Jeremy/Husband) am writing this post.  We know you are anxious to see pictures and see how gothcha day went.  So I’ll do my best.

We started the day off by meeting our guide (Anna) at 9am.  It was about a twenty minute ride to the Civil Affairs building.  I told my wife, Taylor and Kennedy that I was more nervous about this adoption than the birth of our two kids!!  As we approached the Civil Affairs building, I turned to check on my wife and kids.  Heidi started crying and said, “She’s here!”  Heidi saw her through the window in the lobby sitting at a bench. She had a red and white striped dress with a lacy came sol, socks and cute sandals.    She had a sucker clinched in her fist.  There were four or five Chinese ladies telling her about her new “Ba Ba and Ma Ma.”  We stepped in the door and she saw us.  She immediately started crying… sobbing!  I mean snot flowing, tears falling sobbing!  She cried for quite awhile….probably an an hour long!

We gingerly approached her and tried to bribe her with some suckers, doll, ball, etc…nothing.  She obviously needs time to grieve the loss of her foster family and we want to respect that.  BTW, we are so thankful for her foster family.  She was obviously taken good care of and was loved.  Side note…we received a scrapbook from the orphanage detailing her life.  This book we will forever cherish!  The foster family sent us pictures of them.  One of the pictures shows all the family.  In the background of the picture is a large picture of “The Lord’s Supper!”  I asked our guide where the picture was taken.  She said at their home!  She said they were “Christians!”  You don’t know how much that picture meant to me!!!! To know that our daughter was raised in a Christian home especially in a non-christian culture was comforting!!!!

Heidi has been a real trooper.  Her motherly instincts kicked in.  She held her until Mollie fell asleep in the van on the way back to the hotel.    Mollie awoke as we got back to the hotel.  As we were walking to our rooms to fill out the rest of the papers, Mollie smiled at Taylor and Kennedy!

Ok, Heidi here…..Baba is on grieving duty.  She has taken well with both Jeremy and myself.  Which I am so thankful.

You can see that the grief is coming in waves.  She will be fine and then it will hit.  It truly has been so heartbreaking to watch.  She was taken from everything she knows this morning and then handed off to total strangers!!  Although, she does know who we are!  As Jeremy wrote, she received her care package from us back in January and has seen our picture!!!  Hence the total meltdown in the lobby!!

Right now, she is doing much better.  She is laying on Baba’s belly and thinking about falling asleep.  She has taken a few Cheerios from us, so we are thankful.  Kennedy was videotaping her on her iPod and she saw herself and waved!  Precious!

They just handed her a toy cell phone and that seems to be something she is liking very well!!  PTL for small miracles!!

We haven’t taken anything off of her.  She has several mosquito bites on her and she’s allowed me to put some cream on her.  She likes water.  She is potty trained and after she did potty we washed her hands and she seemed to really enjoy it.

I know she will love bathtime, but that may come in time!!!  When we go back to the Civil Affairs office tomorrow, she may be wearing the same outfit!!  We will let her lead the way and she can make that call!!

She still has a pacifier, and she can keep it for as long as she needs it!!

Continue to pray for her and for us.  We know she was loved and cared for deeply.  That makes my heart very happy.  Because she has attached to her foster family, she can attach to her forever family!

Our family of “4”

Civil Affairs Office

Trying to calm her down…..didn’t work there….:(

Didn’t work here either!! 🙂

You can see the sadness in her face……breaks my heart.

Signing the papers…..:)

I’m about to just “take” her……hard stuff.

My first time to “hold” her…..very surreal!!

First family photo!!

On the way back to the hotel

She’s decided to give me a good look…..that’s promising!

This girl likes water and likes to wash her hands!!

Found out she kinda is liking this guy!!

She is letting both Jeremy and me comfort her. That is a miracle!!

BTW, just found out that I think she’s going to be attaching to Jeremy first!  He and Kennedy left to run to McDonald’s and bring lunch back.  Mollie Xiu and I were in the bathroom and when we came out, she lost it when she couldn’t find them!  She kept opening the closet doors and looking for them, sobbing the whole time!!

Taylor and I were able to get her to fall asleep and that is where she is right now.  We are trying to decide if we should take off her shoes!!  I would love to bath this girl and put a bow in her hair, but I might just wait on that…..


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27 Responses
  1. cammy says:

    Oh my goodness, she is such a little doll. So happy for you guys! All of you are in my prayers. l

  2. rajeana says:

    heidi….i am in awe! she is perfect and beautiful! thank you for sharing these amazing first photos! enjoy the rest of your stay in china…..your family is absolutely beautiful!

  3. Tina says:

    I think she looks tall in the pictures. She is so cute and Kortney can’t wait to meet her and play with her. I am sure that she will love all of you! Thanks again for sharing this with everyone.

  4. Maryann says:

    I am soo happy you finally have Mollie; although, the pictures of her looking so sad are heartbreaking. Know you are doing a great thing. You are her forever family! Isn’t funny how you can love someone so much that you just met?? Best wishes…Maryann

  5. Melea Kercheval says:

    Welcome little Mollie! I cried looking at the pictures and reading about your welcoming event. I can’t imagine what Mollie is thinking but what she doesn’t know and understand is that a beautiful family is ready to love her and give her a warm loving home. So glad God has put you in her life! Prayers and hugs to all.

  6. Tracy Baber says:

    Love her already…. She Seems sooooo sweet ….. Precious….. What a joy she is….Already to you ana all of us!!!!

  7. Trish Bogan says:

    Daddy’s girl already?!

  8. Sherry says:

    You guys look very Happy! That is said and sweet she was looking in the closet for her family:( Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  9. mary moudy says:

    First thing I did before getting out of bed was check Facebook for updates on your gotcha day! As I laid here reading & looking @ the pics, tears are rolling down my eyes. What an amazing miracle that God has orchestrated for you. She is a doll baby. I can’t wait for her & Chloe to have play dates. Enjoy and God bless you all!

  10. Mindi Jobe says:

    Turner Family

    God is so great – thanks so much for sharing these special pictures with everyone. The photos were bringing tears to my eyes – so very happy for you guys! Thoughs & Prayers will be with you for remainer of trip and especially Mollie! See you on the 27th!

  11. Ashli says:

    I read this blog about five this morning. I was literally sobbing the whole time. She is so precious!!!

  12. Kim Davis says:

    Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us.
    She is beautiful .

  13. Myriah says:

    Heidi, you guys seem to be attaching very well. It could be way worse. This is definately a God thing, seeing as she was raised in a Christian home. Love you guys so much ad can’t wait to meet your Mollie(:

  14. Nancy Ann Wartman says:

    Such an amazing time. When we adopted Adelie 4 years ago she was 2 years old. I knew we just had to build her trust – that’s what it was all about. All the little things didn’t matter. The next few days will be intense sometimes watching her realize what’s really going on. Little sweetheart.

  15. Sarah Wright says:

    Tears of joy flow as I read! She’s doing so well! I LOVE that you’re officially a family of 5! We’re praying mightily for you still!

  16. Jennifer Pappas says:

    you guys are doing all the right things!!! I’m so proud to call all of you my family:) She is beautiful!

  17. Dona Bunn says:

    I have been following your story and I am so excited for you! She is amazing and she is very blessed to become a part of your family! Wish you were still here in Oklahoma so I could meet her in person. We will be praying that she be comfortable with you soon!

  18. Pam says:

    Oh Pastor and Heidi, My heart is jumping inside and doing flip flops!! I am so thankful she was raised in a Christian home and now she will continue that!! I am just soooooooooo Happpppppy for you all!!! I am so happy that she will never have to sleep in an orphanage again but at home with you all and I am sure it will take time but I don’t think it will be as long as you might think. I am praying for a quick transition for her. I can’t wait to see you all again!! God Bless and I love you all!!

  19. Marjorie Harris says:

    Well, Heidi and Jeremy, I’m a basket case! I wept through the entire journaling this morning. She is absolutely beautiful and precious, and so loved by God and He is tenderly helping her and you four through this process. How completely totally exciting. Heidi, I think it’s so awesome that she seems to be ‘attaching’ to Jeremy. That’s beautiful. Nothing like a Daddy/Daughter connection. Oh my, I’m just sooooo excited for all of you, and it’s done nothing but bring back the awesome feeling of when we first saw Chad in the foster family’s home, and then Colton for the first time. Just nothing to explain those emotions. Love you all dearly and praying for Mollie.

  20. April says:

    Beautiful!!!! So happy for your family! What a miracle!

  21. Sara Derscheid says:

    I keep thinking of you today and praying for you each time you come to mind. I am certain this transition won’t be easy. But you will do great and God is on your side (can you imagine NOT having Him to help with this?!)

  22. Elizabeth says:

    OH gosh- that’s the best and the worst, too. Hugs and more hugs from here, and I’m going to keep lifting Mollie and you guys up in prayer. Thank you Lord for giving Mollie a loving and a Christian home to start life in- what a miracle! Just look at how He’s provided for her, and made beauty from ashes since the day she was born! And now He’s provided a forever family to hold her. I love this.

  23. Angela Archibald says:

    I’m cyring after reading this, for Mollie’s loss, her gain, your dedication & commitment to her & for there being one less orphan in this world! Thank you, Lord!!

  24. Liz newell says:

    Heidi, U r an amazing Mommy..I have been crying since this morning thinking of you guys. Miss Mollie is hurting but sunshine will come in the morning. You always new God was in control just as He had her living in a God filled home. Knowing that the Lord is with you now as your babies hurts and Him conforting her as well as your precious taylor and Kennedy..What great brother and sister Mollie has. Love you friend, Liz

  25. Amy says:

    Mollie is adorable! I have to tell you that I have been praying for an ODD thing, and my prayer has been answered. Katie has always had trouble with her ears filling/popping on planes and sucking on hard candy (not appropriate for a 3 year old), drinking water (Mollie might not be able to do it right to help). I could see that moment of flying causing pain on top of the sadness she already feels. I prayed for an object that could help–and God sent a 3 year old WITH a pacifier! No need is too small to pray for, nor too great for Him to meet!!! Blessings on your time exploring Mollie’s culture!

  26. salathia/muffin says:

    Mollie is a gorgeous, blessed little girl! i haven’t seen you guys since i was a teenager, myself – but i know y’all are amazing people and i’m so happy that you were blessed with Mollie – and that she was blessed with your family!

  27. TroyTonyaWiseman says:

    So exciting! She’s beautiful! It’s so great to see your sweet family of “5”!

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