Way to go Kennedy!!!

I’m going to be a super proud parent and post a video of Kennedy playing the piano for the Jr. High Choir Fall concert.

I’ll apologize in advance for the “shakiness”!!  I was trying to wrangle a toddler and hold the phone up so you could see over the crazy bar!!!

Also, you’ll hear in the video Mollie whisper “Jia Jia” and you’ll hear me shush her!!!

It was a great night and I could not be more proud of my daughter!!

Way to go Kennedy!!

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  1. Marjorie Harris says:

    I’m so proud of Kennedy as well. Another piano player in the family and not afraid to share that talent. Awesome that her school gives her that privilege. In a bigger setting, you have to compete for such an honor…..God is so faithful and cares about every detail of our lives and those we love. He positions us and somehow, it turns out to be the best place for every single member of the family! I love that about Him. This is a wonderful ‘snapshot in time’ for Kennedy! She’ll look back on this with great fondness. She did super!! Glad you caught it on video for her, and loved Mollie’s recognition of her sissy!
    Love you all.

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