Mollie’s Gotcha Day video journey so far…..:)

Well, I finally got this done!! I haven’t been able to go back and look at our pictures of “Gotcha Day” because it was truly such a heartbreaking experience.

Mollie has brought such joy to our lives, I can not imagine life without her!! Thank you Lord for all 3 of my beautiful children!!

Jeremy and I are blessed, blessed, blessed!!

Enjoy the video, it’s only 10 minutes long!! 🙂

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  1. Marjorie Harris says:

    Well….I had to grab a box of Kleenex to watch this. Grateful for the Holy Spirit’s voice who whispered in your heart, Heidi many month ago, and for a husband who fully embraced what you felt you heard, for two children who knew they had room in their heart to welcome a baby sister, for the strength and endurance it took to persevere in your adoption journey, for the family who provided a loving beginning for Mollie, and for a church family that said, “We’re going to walk this journey with you!” God blessed our family with Mollie. Though I haven’t hugged her, or watched her play, I love her, and who knows the promise of her life?! Thanks for the video. It will be a treasure to Mollie, more so in future years! I love you five.
    Your Cousin…..Marj

    • heidi says:

      Marj, now you’ve made me cry! Thank you for your consistent encouragement. I can not even begin to express what your words have done for our family. While in China, we experienced with Mollie, some of the deepest grief we’ve ever known. To see her endure what she did, was heartbreaking and life altering. To see her today, all the Glory goes to God. Only He can do what has been done. She does not even look like the same girl! We have marveled at looking at her pictures, because she looks so physically different!
      As she watched the video with us, I was worried. I was not going to let her see it yet, due to the pictures of her China family. But she did watch it, and loved it. She loved seeing herself as a baby. Again, all I can say is all the Glory goes to the Lord! We are blessed!!
      I can not wait for you to meet her! She does not meet a stranger…..she is such a joy!!

  2. mary moudy says:

    Through the tears I watched this video. I remember eagerly waiting for your posts & feeling your pain as a mommy who couldn’t comfort her child. God has brought you all through this journey with his love and guidance. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. May God continue to bless you all. Love you.

  3. Duan Jinjue says:

    Sorry that I can’t see the vedio, can you send it to my email?
    Much thanks!

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