Happy 1 Year Gotcha Day Mollie!!

Can you believe it’s been a year?!

We’ve gone from this….

Her face still breaks my heart....it was the most agonizing day.

To this……..

Mollie birthday pic

What a difference a year makes!!

This girl is tough.

She has been through more in her 4 years of life than some people will know their entire lifetimes!

She came to us timid, sad, and grief stricken.

I feel like those words really don’t do her or what she was going through, justice.

Everything she knew was taken away from her in a moment.

The heartbreak was palpable.

Everyone could feel it.

I have a difficult time in remembering it, because of the grief it still stirs.

Yes, it has lessened, a lot!!  I compare it to physical child birth.  While you are in the midst, it’s painful, but once you have delivered that beautiful baby, the pain is hard to remember.

But, it’s there.

I’m not sure if it is for Mollie, but to watch your child grieve and hurt like she did and not be able to “do” anything about it, it can break a person.

Thank You Lord for restoration.

Thank You for giving her to our family.

People will tell me how “lucky” she must be and what “good” people we are, but I don’t feel that way.

I am the lucky one.

I am the one who knows joy beyond belief.

Watching her as her personality has come out, that is the antidote for the pain.  🙂

She is a spit-fire, I tell ya!!

She will start a conversation with anyone, and ask them about a dozen questions!

And you’d better answer her!

She has brought joy-unspeakable to me and our family.

I am so honored to call her my daughter and humbled to be called Mommy.

You are loved Mollie Elizabeth Jing Xiu!

Happy 1 Year Gotcha Day!!

Our lives are so very blessed to have you in them!

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3 Responses
  1. kim Myers says:

    I followed your blog last year and my heart broke for all of you but especially you and Mollie. I watched as all that sadness changed to trust, happiness, joy and incredible love! Congratulations to all!

  2. Heather Robinson says:

    Helllooo, Heidi and Jeremy and shoo-shoo!! We miss you guys! We would love to skype sometime, or something! It is wonderful to read your update. I need to get a one-year gotcha post up too. Mollie is beautiful, and Andrew and I were both so blessed to read how things are going. Love to all of you! -Heather, Andrew and Abi Mei

  3. Duan Jinjue says:

    I am a friend of Jing Xiu’s Chinese foster family, I am glad to know Jing Xiu’s adaptation to new life, hope Jing Xiu be happy everyday, best wishes for you and your family~

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