My Mom holding Taylor just after he was born, Oct. 14, 1997

With Mother’s Day on Sunday and everyone on Facebook changing their profile picture to a picture of their mom, it makes me kinda sad.  I lost my Mom June 15, 2001.  She died very suddenly from a brain aneurysm, she was just 46 years old.  Jeremy and I lived in Oklahoma at the time but were on a missions trip to the country of Peru.  I was literally the closest (in distance) relative she had and when she died I was the farthest away.  I still don’t understand why God allowed that, but I have to believe it was His divine plan.  A plan I did not ever think would happen and still a plan that is painful. 

Especially now….Mother’s Day.  My mom LOVED her grandkids!  It was like her whole life was meant to be lived to be a Grandma!!  She only had close to 4 years with Taylor, 2 1/2 years with Kennedy, and just a little over a year with my niece Olivia.  She never met Olivia’s sister Ella and she’ll never meet Mollie. 

I’m very sorry for this and I know my sister is as well.  Ella’s middle name is Gayle, she is named after our mom, Deborah Gayle Turney Hoffman.

So in honor of my precious mother whose life was cut too short on this earth, I am posting her picture on today’s blog.  You are dearly loved and deeply missed.