I have a friend, I have never actually met her in person, but I feel such a kinship to her.  We met through a mutual friend on Facebook.  Thank God for Facebook!!  Mark Zuckerburg you are a genious!!  Anyway, I met her while in the process of her second adoption from China.  She adopted a little girl a few years ago and she and her husband decided to adopt again.  She has been a God-send to me!  She has answered so many of my questions, shoulder to lean on, given me expert advice, and references for things I didn’t know I would need!!  Also, she works in a library like me!!

This blog today is dedicated to her and honoring her as she and her husband left yesterday for China!  I could not be happier for her and tears are filling my eyes as I type this.  God bless you Maryann!  I truly love you and wish you so much joy as you make this second journey!!

If you’d like to follow Maryann and Mike as they’re in China, they have a blog set up at  http://ourlilcupcakes.blogspot.com.  She has some darling pictures on it and it’s just such an encouragement to me and my family as we wait for Mollie!!