I have been “Paper-Pregnant” for the past 9 months!!  How fitting that it has taken that long to physically get to where we are today! 

Wow, this has been a very emotional day for me.  For the past 9 months I have been collecting documents of all types, from birth certificates to our marriage license.  We’ve had multiple background checks because we have lived in several different states.  We have written essays about ourselves, our children, and inter-racial differences.  We have been interviewed multiple times, had doctor’s exams where we’ve had blood drawn (several times for me, ugh..), and figured out our financial statement.  I’ve asked Karen Bowman to notarize more things than I can count and probably gave her carpel-tunnel in the process!!  I’ve been to the Indiana Secretary of State’s office twice now and asked them to seal said documents. 

Then after all of that, I’ve taken these bars of gold (a.k.a. dossier documents) that have been physically labored over for months and placed them in someone else’s hands!  That is truly the most nerve-racking!!

Jeremy and I officially sent off our very last document to our courier in Chicago today.  She will get it tomorrow morning and deliver it to the Chinese Consulate.  Then she will pick it up on Monday and send it directly to my agency, Lifeline.  They will receive it Tuesday morning and according to my case worker Logan (a wonderful, fantastic lady) it will be off to China on the DHL truck/plane!!  The SAME  DAY!!


Heidi leaving the Indiana Secretary of State's office!


Heidi going into the UPS Store to send off our final document!



Jeremy and Heidi officially sending off the final piece of our dossier!!


Are we all understanding this??……my Dossier will be on it’s way to China on Tuesday, this Tuesday!!  HALLELUJAH AND HAPPY DAY!!

I will be starting a new countdown as soon as we get Dossier to China (DTC)! 

Merry Christmas!!