I love surprises, I do!  I also like being able to surprise other people!  I was able to do that last Christmas to Jeremy.  Every year it’s the same thing, he ALWAYS figures out what I get him!  It’s maddening!!  So last year I decided that would not happen!!  I knew what the man wanted, an iPad.  If you know Jeremy, you know he does not ask for much, if anything.  So when he makes a comment about liking or wanting something, you pay attention.  I started saving my mileage money and was able to purchase it.  Then, I hid it.  I’m not going to tell you where, I may use that hiding space again!!  🙂   

On Christmas morning, I retrieved my package and placed it as far under the tree as possible.  When he opened it, he was shocked!!  He had no clue!!  SUCCESS!!  I was the queen of the day!! 

Don't you love the elf hat?? He was much happier than he appears, I promise!!


In 2006, we got our children the ultimate Christmas gift, our Miniature Schnauzer, Mistletoe!  It was the best Christmas gift they’ve ever recieved and it truly was a joy seeing their faces and their excitement!!  That is a Christmas that I will NEVER forget!! 

Our precious Missy on Christmas morning of 2006!!
Taylor and Missy Christmas morning 2006!!


I love when the Lord surprises me!  He has a couple of times over the past few days!!  I cannot share what exactly He’s up to, but I’m thinking it’s gonna blow my socks off!!

Day 76……………………………………