The month of November was Give Thanks, Give Back.  We highlighted Orphan Sunday by having a couple of families come in and share their adoption testimony.  One family started a non-profit organization, Hope For His Children.  We took up a offering for them and our church is now supporting them on a monthly basis.  We also presented the Orphan’s Table which is a meal that is typically served in orphanages around the world. 

The next Sunday we highlighted the Widows of our church and community.  We honored them by giving them a corsage/boutonniere.  We also held a Widow’s table dinner and invited the widows of our community.  It was a beautiful night and I know that they left feeling very loved and appreciated. 

Then the next Sunday we highlighted the homeless in our surrounding community.  L.I.F.T. Ministry was spotlighted and we had donations brought in all month long from pillows to hats and gloves.  L.I.F.T. was organized by one of our church people, Aaron Congleton.  He and his wife Angel go to Indianapolis at least once a month, but anymore, they are making a couple of trips a month. 

This past Saturday, my family had the opportunity to go with L.I.F.T. and distribute items to the homeless.  What an experience, to say the least.  Jeremy and I have been able to do ministry like this before, but our children never have.  They had quite an eye-opening experience and it was good for them to see how “good they’ve got it”!  It’s also a great reminder to me to be thankful! 

I also learned, that I’ve still “got it”!!  I was hit on by one of the homeless men.  Of course he was “three sheets to the wind” and probably needed glasses, but hey, who cares, I’ve still got it!!  When I told Taylor about it, I think he threw up a little in his mouth!  Not a pleasant image for him.  🙂 

Merry Christmas!!