We are so blessed!!!  I got a phone call last night right before I left for Taylor’s basketball game that we had received a $3,000 grant from Katelyn’s Fund!!  It truly made my night!  We had a phone interview with them last Monday night and when they had finished interviewing us, they prayed for us.  We could feel the presence of the Lord as they prayed!!  Talk about encouraging!  Jeremy and I both felt so uplifted!  We left the phone call thinking even if we didn’t get the grant, we were blessed to have them pray for us!  That is truly how powerful the prayer was!

On another great note, our dossier should be heading to China today!! I know it has made it to Lifeline, I got the email from FedEx!  Logan, our case-worker, said that it would be on the DHL truck today!  I asked if she would take a picture of it being placed on the truck!  I know, I’m a little insane, but I want to document all of these steps!  Each one seems like a HUGE milestone!  I want Mollie to have a “baby book” if you will, of all of the steps leading up to her arrival! 

Our next step will be it arriving in China and that is called DTC or Dossier to China!  Then we wait 1-4 weeks to be LID or Logged in Date.  After that, we wait for Mollie’s referral!  We are so very close right now!!  It’s crazy exciting! 

Keep us in your prayers regarding our referral of Mollie and our finances.  We are still taking donations towards our Lifesong grant and if we get the full grant that will be $6,000 total.  Added together with Katelyn’s Fund, we are now only about $10,000 away from our goal of $30,000!  We have been fund-raising like crazy!!  In fact, we have our skating fund-raiser this Sunday!!  Pray we have a great turnout!  I’m looking forward to it!!

Merry Christmas!!