I am posting 2 videos today.  I implore you to watch them both, they are very short.  The first is about Katie Davis, founder of Amazima Ministries.

She currently lives in Uganda and is a mom to 14 beautiful little Ugandan girls.

The second video is how they make the beautiful magazine necklaces that we are selling to help raise funds to bring our Mollie home.

I also encourage you to get her book ‘Kisses from Katie’.  It will definitely make you stop and think.

I’ve never personally met Katie Davis, but I would love to.  She is a Rock Star in my eyes and her words will absolutely stir your heart.

“Jesus does not ask that we care for the less fortunate, He demands it.  When calling ourselves Christ followers, caring for orphans, and the desolate, and the widow, are not an option, it’s a requirement.”  – Katie Davis






Day 14 of our wait for LOA………………………..