Our first care package to our little!!


Even though we cannot talk with Mollie right now, we can send her gifts and pictures of ourselves.  There are several organizations you can use, or you can package something up and send it yourself.  For our first care package, we used LadyBugsNLove.com.  They are fabulous!!  I received this picture last night from them to authorize what they are sending her.

It. Is. Precious!!

If I was shopping for her that is exactly what I would pick out!  The bunny rabbit photo album contains pictures of our family.  🙂  I love it!!  She is going to see who her forever family is!!  We were also able to send 2 letters, one to the Orphanage Director and one to her foster family.  I love the doll, teddy bear, and blanket!!  All of a girls favorite things at 2 1/2 years old!!

She is also getting a special celebration cake!!  I sent that because you are more likely to get pictures of her when you send a special treat like a cake.  So hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we’ll get some updated photos of our little and I will definitely post them!!

I would ask that you begin to pray for Mollie.  Pray that as she sees our pictures, she would begin to realize she has a forever family.  Pray for a smooth transition to our family, that God would already have started a work in her heart for us.

We love this little girl with all our heart, we treasure her already.



My timeline that will run will now be for our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China.  This process is taking up to 3 months!  Ugh……

Day 6 of our wait for LOA……..