Yesterday’s post was a bit harsh.  As I go back and read it, I can tell I was frustrated and somewhat sad.

Today, I would like to apologize for it.  I know, it’s a shocker!!  Ask Jeremy, I don’t like to admit fault.  But I realize that when I am at fault, I need to say it.

(I’ll wait now for those of you who are picking yourself up off the ground…..)

Ok, dust yourself off because   here.  we.  go.

When I wrote about supporting us, I did not mean financially.  I realize that’s how it reads, I’m sorry.

Some of my dearest, most precious family and friends have been the most supportive of all, and when I talk of support, I mean the verbal kind.

When you talk to me about how you cannot wait to meet Mollie, that does this Momma’s heart really good!!  (I know, the correct word is well, but good just fits the meaning!!)

When you ask me how the adoption process is going, I smile.  When you ask me anything at all about my Peanut, my heart is happy.  When you ask, you show to me that you care.

Yesterday’s beginning post was not well written.  I did not explain myself as I should have.  I’m sorry.

The second part of yesterday’s post was very much written from a grateful heart.  A heart that loves her daughter……  very.  much.

Blessings, Heidi

Day 23 of our wait for LOA……………………………