We are about halfway there to our matching grant!!  If we can raise $3,000 then Lifesong for Orphans will match it!!  Right now we have just under $1,500!!  That is an accomplishment, but we need to double that!!

What is this money going towards??  This money is going towards our orphanage donation.  We are required to pay almost $6,000 to the orphanage that took Mollie in when she was found at 45 days old.  She is now 2.5 years old!!  We are giving them, really, a small amount in taking care of our daughter for the almost 3 years they will have her.

If you can help us, we would be so very appreciative!  We also have a small gift for everyone that donates to Lifesong!

All you have to do to donate is this…..

On the top right side of our webpage directly under the picture of Mollie, you’ll see a Lifesong Button.   Click that!!

(Please note:  It is Lifesong for Orphans NOT Lifeline)  

That will take you to Lifesong’s “Make a Donation” page on their website.

Scroll down a short distance until you see By Credit Card (Paypal.com) and under that it says One Time Gift

Under that there is a DONATE button.  Click That!!

In the Purpose portion you’ll put Turner #2316

You’ll then put in the amount you wish to donate.

You can pay through Paypal or a credit card.

It really isn’t as hard as all these steps sound, it’s just what has to happen so the money can go towards our adoption!!

Now that we have a face with a name, will you help us bring her home??  We will be forever grateful!!



Day 7 of our wait for LOA………