How do I feel??

Hmmmm…..that is a great question.

I’m feeling very loved today!

You know, when you make a huge decision, such as adoption, you find out who supports you, and really, who doesn’t.  I don’t know what their reasons are, but I’m sure they have them.  That’s fine, I only know that I have to answer to God for the decisions that I have made in my life.  If He has called me to do something, then, I have to answer whether I did it or not.

Ok, enough of the soap box!!

On to the much more happy, joyous, news!!

I have family, friends in my church, friends from my surrounding community, friends from high school, and friends from college that have literally gone out of their way to help us raise money for my little Peanut.  (I realize her name is Mollie, but when I look at her picture and I see her beautiful, bald, tan head, she is my Peanut!!  Deal with it!)

When I think of what these people have done for my family in this adoption adventure, my heart is humbled.  They have sacrificed their time, their money, and their talents/abilities to help us!!

If I start to list out everything they have done, I will miss someone because…It. Is. VAST!!

Some come to me asking what they can do and some come to me with a plan already in place.  They are the literal Hand of God in the flesh.

They amaze me by their generosity and love for my daughter,whom we’ve  not.  even.  met.

These people exhibit the body of Christ like none I’ve known before.  I’m so honored to be to them their daughter, their family member, their Pastor’s wife, and their friend.  I am better for knowing you and having you in my life.

Thank you for looking beyond yourself and seeing a little girl in China who wants a Baba and Mama to call her own.  Thanks to you, she will have it.

I may not be able to reward you adequately enough here on Earth, but I can promise you that our Heavenly Father will.

I love you deeply and sincerely!   Heidi

Day 22 of our wait for LOA…………………………………