Today my dear Auntie Molly turns 75!  (BTW, she doesn’t care if I post this)

Wouldn’t it be a great present for her if we got our LOA today?!

(Letter of Acceptance from China)

I mean, she would share, she’s nice like that!!  🙂

My sister Tanya shared her special day on January 4th, we received our PA!!


Molly and her birthday flowers from Aunt Melissa and Michael

Sorry for the poor image, this picture was taken by her iPhone while she’s at work.

You see, she is a waitress and has been for years…..and when I type years, I mean years!!

She is a dedicated worker, family member, and follower of Christ.

She is who we are naming our precious little Peanut after.

You are loved Aunt Molly!!  May you have a blessed birthday and many, many more!!


Day 71 of our wait for LOA………………………….:(