Happy Hunger Games!  May the odds be ever in your favor! – Effie Trinket

Well tonight is the night!

The one we’ve been waiting awhile on.

No, it has nothing to do with adoption.

It has everything to do with a book we love!

It started out as 2 of my dear friends and I taking our boys.

Then, my daughter wanted to go.

BTW, she’s getting braces on her top teeth today!  Ugh!  No popcorn for her!  🙁

Then my friend’s daughter wanted to go.

So now there is a small group of us taking our children to the midnight premiere.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Yes, they have school tomorrow.

Yes, I know there are no unexcused absences since it’s the Friday before Spring Break.

Yes, I’ve threatened that if they don’t get up tomorrow this will NEVER happen again!!

But when you’ve got 5 teenagers that are giddy with excitement about a book their about to see brought to the big screen, well, you just do what you must do.

And, I believe the adults are just as excited!!  🙂

So, Happy Hunger Games!!

Day 78 for our wait for LOA…………………..:(