Who knew the dilemma in my life would be trying to get my biological children’s passports??

Who would have seen this coming??

I mean, Ch*na is taking their sweet time in getting out LOA’s, but now the U.S. Department of State in Chicago is joining in on the fun!!

I applied for their passports over 8 weeks ago!!  That is 2 months people!!

Then I have to resubmit pictures…..geesh….ok, I take blame for that!  But the thing is, they didn’t even check on their applications till I called them 2 weeks ago….then I get the letter saying the pics are no good!!

Note to self……make the call earlier next time!!

So I call them again yesterday, yeah, you don’t even want to know that conversation.  It. Was. Depressing!!  The “nice” lady on the phone told me I could pay the extra $72 per passport to have it expedited.

Um, hello, that’s why I started this process in January, to save those expedited fees!!

I call again today….much. much. nicer lady!!  Thank God!!

She contacted her supervisor who told me the only thing I could do right now since I do not have actual travel dates, is to write a letter to the Chicago office telling them of our situation and how this has been in process for over 8 weeks now!

So a letter has been written and is about to be sent.

It will include a return receipt.

Day 76 of our wait for LOA……………………..:(

It may come before my children’s passports at this rate!!