I did find out that my agency’s in-Ch*na contact is trying to get our dossiers moved out of translation this week and to the CCC**.  So that’s something.

Then they informed me that it could be another 3 weeks till we receive our LOA.

And 3 weeks, that’s just an estimate.  Maybe longer, maybe shorter.

Needless to say, I’m not getting my hopes up.

But I do have 2 other children that are pretty great that I could blog about……

But then they would kill me.

They are teenagers, they don’t like their life written about on the internet for anyone to read!!

I could tell you about my pastor hubby who preached a message about suffering on Sunday.

I really don’t like when he preaches things that we may have to live out, like suffering!!

But I’m not God, so when it comes to sermon preparation, he gets his inspiration from above!!

BTW, that’s a great thing, because my ideas for sermons probably wouldn’t line up with Scripture!

But back to suffering….although this isn’t exactly what most would deem suffering, it was not fun.

Sunday afternoon we noticed our refrigerator’s water line was leaking…..all over the carpet in the kitchen….yes, I do hate carpet in a kitchen.

Hubs worked on this thing for several hours trying to fix it….didn’t work, decided to call a plumber.

But before that, he was in the garage, laying face down on the concrete, trying to turn off a shut off valve to this line of water.

As I went outside and saw his situation, I told him in the nicest way possible…..

“See, what you get for preaching on suffering!”

Again, I realize, this is not suffering, but it was challenging.

Day 98 of our wait for LOA……………………………….