Well, since I have 3 beautiful children, I’m going to post pictures of them!!

You saw updated pictures of my youngest Monday, so how about some update pics of my 2 oldest??

They are both great kiddos and they are loved greatly by their parents!!

They had their Spring dance this past Saturday, and boy do they look good all dressed up!!  🙂

Jeremy giving Kennedy a corsage for the dance!!

Disclaimer:  Jeremy’s hair is not has gray as it appears….it’s an illusion!!  And probably the sunlight!

Taylor, Kennedy, and Jeremy!
Kennedy, Heidi, and Taylor

Disclaimer:  I’m not as heavy as I appear, it’s……oh, who am I kidding??  🙂

Kennedy, Lauren, and Keryna
Kyle, Tommy, and Taylor
Taylor, Lauren, Tommy, Keryna, Kyle, and Kennedy

Disclaimer:  These were not their “dates”.  They just happened to stand next to each other.  🙂

Kennedy, Lauren, and Keryna
Kennedy, Lauren, and Keryna
Lauren, Kennedy, and Keryna

Yes, I realize I had more than one child at this dance.

Yes, I realize there are several more pictures of the girls than the boys.

But have you ever tried getting 3 boys to let you take their picture??

They are not cooperative!!

Then you tell the girls you’re going to take their picture and they ask, “where do you want me and which way do I look”??

Night and day I tell you, night and day!!

Thank you Taylor and Kennedy for getting dressed up and going to the dance.

I thoroughly enjoyed it!!  😉

Jk, they didn’t let me stay!!

Day 114 of our wait for LOA………………….:(