Yesterday, the title of my blog threw you off.

People were congratulating me and genuinely very excited for us!

But it was not the news they thought.

That’s why it pays to open up the link and read the blog!  😉

I got an email from Just Love Coffee with that as the subject line.  It was in reference to their deal they are having that I blogged about in yesterday’s post.  The travel mug and coffee combo.  I ordered mine, did you??  😉

Anyway, I thought it was a cute title and really didn’t put that much thought into it!!  Lazy, I realize now!!

So for you that thought we had received word regarding our LOA, we have NOT!!  Boo…..sad….tears…..heartbreak.

You will know when we get that!

You may hear me scream when we get that!!

It will be a joyful day and the title of my blog will reflect that!!

There will be NO misunderstanding!  🙂

So till then, we wait.  We drink coffee, and we wait.

While you’re waiting, why don’t you order the coffee combo from Just Love Coffee!!

Even if you don’t LOVE coffee, someone you know does, and it would make an excellent gift!!

And the combo package is only available till April 20, 2012.

So hurry up!  What are you waiting for!!!

Click here to order!!  It is with much thanks and appreciation!!

Day 105 for our wait for LOA………………………………:(