My honey turns 40 today!!

Hard to believe we are leaving our 30’s and entering a new decade!!

He realizes that it’s just a number, but it’s harder for me!!

I struggled turning 30, I can not even imagine what turning 40 will be like!

Of course, if our plans work out for Ch*na like I think they will, we will be leaving from Ch*na and coming home to Indiana on my 40th birthday and due to the time change from there to here, I will get to celebrate it for like 36 hours!!!  Now that’s a way to enter into a new decade of life!!!

But today, it’s all about Jeremy!!

I love you.  You are my best friend.

God knew exactly what he was doing putting us together!

I wish you the Happiest of birthdays and I wish for us another 40+ years!

Happy Birthday Jeremy!!  You truly deserve it!!