Oh. My. Word.

It’s so hard to believe the time has finally come and we are finally here!!

First impressions……..

This place is Crazy!!  The drivers are insane!!

There is no way possible I could EVER drive in this city!

I’m dead dog tired!!  We traveled for a little over 24 hours in coming here!!

Totally worth it!  Would do it again!!  😉

There is no sense of personal space or order.  Hence the crazy driving.

Driving lanes are merely suggestions, not something that should be followed!!

We did A LOT of touring today!!  And I LOVE our guide Helen!  She is fabulous!!

We started at Tienanmen Square, then went to the Forbidden City, and then did the Hutong Tour.

That was awesome!!  We had the opportunity to ride in a rickshaw and visit with a Chinese family in their home!

So educating and enjoyable!!  Highly advise the Hutong Tour if you are coming to Beijing anytime soon!!

While we were at the Forbidden City a mom grabbed Taylor by the arm and showed him her camera and told him she wanted a picture with her son!!  Taylor was a very good sport, and permitted this!!  It was super cute!!!

We’ve been stared at so much today, it kinda freaked Kennedy out!!!  It was funny!!  The Chinese people have no problem with just stopping and staring at you!!  Something that I’m sure will happen again!!

Tiananmen Square
Outside of the Forbidden City
Outside of the Forbidden City
Forbidden City

This is our guide Helen in the black shirt!  Love her!

Notice all the people??!!  It was insane!!  So busy!

I added this because I love it!!

I’m guessing this is the chassis?  It looked and felt more like an a/c unit!

First “official” meal!!  It was delicious!!  Wow, who’s the lame-o and using a fork and knife in China?  🙂

Peking Duck!  Yes, I ate it!  Yes, it was good!!  We all tried new dishes today!  I was so proud of my family!

Rickshaw and Hutong Tour!

Local market!  Nope, I didn’t buy anything!!  🙂

Fresh Fish!!


Jeremy standing outside a Hutong home!  The owner is a Kung Fu teacher and was wonderful!!  He even made us Jasmine tea!!