Today….well….how do I describe it….

Well, it was…..

A. Good. Day!!

Mollie Xiu did awesome!!

She woke up happy and that feeling just did not fade.

How am I feeling, well, my pity party is over.

I figure my daughter is happy, so I should be happy as well.

It’s a choice and yesterday I chose to be pitiful.

Today I chose to be happy.

It was a good day.  It was a God day.

We went shopping!!!

How can a day not be good when you go shopping??

Well, I guess that depends on what you’re shopping for?!

But for us it was jewelry, clothes, shoes, and silk items!

China is known for there pearls and jade.

I knew I wanted to buy myself and my daughters matching bracelets.

Wow, isn’t that weird to read, my daughters!!!

I love saying that plural!

Anyway, our guide took us to a pearl shop and I picked the strands and they made us 4 bracelets, and 3 pairs of earrings!

I got Mollie 2 bracelets….one that fits her know, and one that will fit her later.

We put it on her and she loved it!!

Kennedy and I put ours on, and it was precious!

We kept showing her we match!!  She is ours!!  She has a family!!

She showed that bracelet off to our guide Rebecca and she told me that Mollie must really love it because she showed her several times!!  Made my Mommy’s heart very happy to bless my daughter with a gift that she loved!!

I believe that gesture showed Mollie she is a perfect fit to the Turner’s.  She is now officially a daughter and sister!!

We bought this child new shoes.

Let me tell you….she LOVES clothes and shoes!!

She wore her shoes out of the store!!

She thought that was the greatest thing!

Then she kept looking at her shoes and her bracelet.

Yes, she is a fit to our family and she knows it!!

We went to the traditional Chinese outfit clothing store and talk about precious!!

I could not decide!

I wanted one of each!!

I restrained myself and only bought 2, there!!

We are going shopping again on Wednesday and I can not be responsible for what or how much I buy this child!!

If I have to buy my way into her heart, then so be it!!

Just kidding to those of you who think I’m going to bribe my child for love!

I would never do that, I’m to ethically moral!  😉

After shopping, we went back to the hotel and Mollie napped.

Kennedy and I went to Shamain Island for more shopping!!

We, along with a few friends, took a taxi (awesome experience) and headed for more good buys!!

I can not tell you what I bought here, because some are gifts!!

Last night we went to dinner with our Facebook Winter DTC group!

DTC – Dossier to China.

It was so fun!!  I got to meet friends that I’ve only ever met online!!

We then went back to Cow and Bridge restaurant to look for Mollie’s bag.

I’ve lost it!!

You can tell I’m not used to having a toddler yet, because I can not keep up with her stuff!!!

Wasn’t there!!

We came back to the room and Taylor, Kennedy, and Mollie played and played hard!!

She was walking around the hotel like she owned the place!

It was fabulous to see her continually make break throughs with us!!

We then Skyped with our church family as it was 10:30 am in Indiana and 10:30 pm in China!

As soon as we hung up, we went to bed!!

GZ is busy, but fun!!  So we are continually on the go.

Which we love!!

Continue to pray for Mollie and her heart!

She’s making big strides towards me, and for that I’m thankful.

I still can not hold her, but that is coming!!

She did let me wipe her face and give her a drink of water!

She lets me brush her teeth and fix her hair everyday!!

She’s a girlie girl!!  She loves to be pretty!!

I did get to paint her nails last night, so that was pretty awesome!!

Today was a good day!!

Looks who jamming out?!
Already working Baba’s iPad!!
Loving the games!
Riding “Piggy Back”. She LOVED this!!
Mollie LOVES her JeiJei!!
I think Kennedy is going to have a “shadow” when she gets home!!
What is she teaching her?? We are going to have fun with these 2!!
The Pearl Market!! Oh, how I love this place!!
Look at that smile!! Oh, yeah, notice her new bracelet?