This is Jeremy here.  Heidi is busy packing as we head to Hong Kong.  We leave at 5:00…just as soon as we get Mollie Xiu’s Visa.

Happy Birthday to my wife.

We went to the mall and she got a beautiful jade bracelet.  She deserves it.  She has worked so hard to get us to this point.  If you want to know anything about adoption, she is the person to ask.  Thank you Heidi for all your hard work!

Yesterday we did two things.

1.  We went to Mollie Xiu’s consulate appointment and took the oath.  She officially is an American citizen.  We’ll…actually the moment she steps her foot on American soil she becomes American….American Chinese.  After we took the oath while on the bus the adoption families all said the Pledge of Allegiance and recited the Lord’s Prayer.  It was kind of cool.  It was nice to be on American soil in China…we’ll actually the American soil was five stories up!

2.  Later in the evening along with other families we took a boat cruise down the Pearl River.  They feed us a dinner and entertained us with a clown that could juggle and spin a soccer ball.  Mollie Xiu got to spin the ball on her finger while the clown held her finger.  I missed the moment with a picture.  Word of advice to families coming to China…we wished we would have purchased a nicer point and shoot camera.  There were many times that we were late on pictures because we had to hold down the button for so long.  Anyways, China has some colorfully lit buildings at night.  It was neat.

This will probably be the last post until we come home.  We are heading to Hong Kong today at 5:00.  We will stay the night in Sky City Marriott near the airport.  Our plane will leave at 10:25am.  We will arrive at Detroit at 1:40pm.  We will arrive in Indy at 7:10pm on Delta flight number 815…if you want to meet us at the airport.  We only ask that you respect our bond with Mollie Xiu.  She still will not go to Heidi and until she does we don’t want her to go anyone else.  She may not anyways!  Just follow our lead on that…

Anyways, thank you for your prayers and support.  We are excited to get back home and see everyone!


Consulate Office where you take the oath
Some of the adoptive families with us at the American Consulate
Just before the oath
After the oath
Saying the Pledge of Allegiance
Loves ice cream
Heidi holding Mollie Xiu…only when she is asleep!
Pearl Shopping!
Pearl River Boat Cruise

True Chinese!
On the boat

Watchin the clown!
The clown
Hubert Keller Spinning the ball on his finger