Reader’s Advisory…….this is from yesterday, Thursday July 19th…….

Our internet was super sketchy and we didn’t get to post it last night or yesterday morning for you the reader!!!

Sorry for keeping you on pins and needles…..but here ya go!!


It’s 11:30pm. Heidi is fast asleep. I’m wide awake.   I thought I would help my wife out and publish the post for her today. I hope I can do it justice like she does.  Bear with me…I hope she appreciates this!

Xiu Xiu (sounds like shoe shoe…it is her nickname and what we will call her while she is in China!) sleeps really well at night.   One of the many blessings we get from Xiu Xiu is that she is potty trained!!!!  There have been no accidents….period!  She wakes me up about 2:00am and says BaBa and mumbles something in Chinese and I take her to the bathroom and she takes care of business!  I am so thankful for this.  One less thing we have to worry about! I believe she has a bladder of steel!

Xiu Xiu wants me to be with her all the time.  From the moment she gets up to the moment she goes to sleep…there we are!  Baba and Xiu Xiu.  Xiu Xiu and Baba.  The only break I get from her is when she is asleep.  [I guess since Heidi did all the work up to this point…now it is my turn!]  It gets a little tiring at times especially when you need to go to the bathroom or brush your teeth.  We have joked that when we get back I will have to preach with her strapped on me in the Ergo!! BTW, I never thought I would say this but…. the Ergo carrier is the best investment we made and well worth the money!  My “man card” has been taken away from me!

Xiu Xiu  cries a lot!  She is experiencing grief.  She is sad. The only time she doesn’t want me to hold her is…when she gets down, grabs my finger and pulls me to the door crying to go see Mama and her sister.  When we are in our room she goes to the door and tries to open it looking for foster parents.  She looks in the closet door for them.  When we are in the lobby she drags me outside all the while she is looking for foster parents.  When we go for walks to the park she is looking for foster parents.  When we come back to our room it is very difficult because she knows she is coming back with us and not to foster parents.  So she spends time crying.   Although I might add the grieving times have gotten shorter and easier.

I have sat with her, held her, hugged her, wept with her, prayed for her, sang over her, kissed her, consoled her and tried to comfort her as best as you can to a Chinese speaking three-year-old.  We have had some great moments, God moments and difficult moments.  Today we got a glimpse of who Xiu Xiu…Mollie…is….

The day started well.

We went to Wal-Mart…Yes Wal-Mart.  We got a few items and headed back to the hotel.  The plan then was for us to go to a park at 4pm with our guide and the other adoptive families.  Xiu Xiu fell asleep in the van ride to the hotel.  We took Xiu Xiu to the room (thank God she was asleep…when she is asleep she doesn’t cry!)  When we got to our room she woke up.  We have learned that the best way to deal with her grief is to distract her.  So we decided to go for a walk.  We went to eat at Pizza Hut.  BTW, I have been here in China for over a week and I have only eaten at three Chinese restruants :(….not by choice.  I thoroughly  enjoyed the Chinese food.     Our guides do not recommend we eat out unless they are with us.

At Pizza Hut our little daughter showed us a glimpse of Mollie.

First she walked by herself to Pizza Hut from our Hotel! (Of course I was holding her hand).  BIG STEP! I am so thankful when she walks because I am the one carrying her….and when you hold her all day, everyday…it’s BIG!

She sat facing the table!  That is big.  She usually faces me.

She then moved to sit between Kennedy and myself in our booth.  Kennedy had her iPod with her and began to take pictures of her .  Kennedy’s iPod can distort images of yourself.  Xiu Xiu thought that was the greatest thing ever!

SHE SMILED!  Not just once.  We have seen her smile.  But for at least 15-20 minutes.  She was happy!

Not only that but she also sat with her food on her plate like the rest of us.   We prayed for our food.  And Ate.  She grabbed her fork and ate!

We were so excited!  We saw a glimpse of a happy Xiu Xiu…a happy Mollie.  We enjoyed it!

Heidi said it best….”My heart is full!”

So there was a big step or should I say big smile for Xiu Xiu.  It happened at a Pizza Hut with an iPod.

Pizza Hut + iPod = Big Smile!

Here are some pictures of the day….

Mollie (Xiu Xiu) and her friend Jin Jin from the day before!
Kennedy and her little MeiMei!!
Chinese Wal-Mart!!

On our way to Pizza Hut! Looks who walking?!
Wow…..looks who’s smiling?!
Love, love, love how she’s holding her paci!!! 🙂
Cutest little girl in China, don’t ya think?! Notice her shirt, she’s now a little sister or MeiMei!! Be still my heart!
Oh, my, word!!! I love this girl!!