There is power in prayer!!

All I can say is that prayer works and is working!!

Mollie has come so very far in just the 6 days she’s been with us.

Today was a very, very good day for her!!

We are at the fabulous Garden Hotel!!

Which, by the way, did I mention is fabulous?!!

This place is beyond words!!

There is a dessert bar in the lobby!!

A DESSERT bar people!

Um, yes please and thank you!

Oh, wait, my hubby just brought me Starbucks so let me take a sip!!

Ok, back to work…

Where was I, oh yes, telling you how fabulous our hotel is!!

I’m sorry, you may get tired of me saying it….but it’s fabulous!

I told my kids to drink this experience up!!  🙂

Since we have a “larger” family, we usually have to get 2 rooms.

Well, we were able to upgrade our room here to an Executive Suite.

So there are a few different privileges, like getting to eat breakfast on the top floor with the most amazing views!!!

There is one other family with our group on our floor, our DTC FB friends Justin and Kristi Goble and their children.

Their daughter Presley is gorgeous!!  They have Piper, whom they adopted a few years ago, she’s a little cutie as well!!

They also have Chloe, who is Kennedy’s age and Cooper who is 11.

We are thinking our older kids will have each other to hang around with!!

We are all loving life!!

Ok, back to breakfast.

Mollie ate, and ate, and ate, and ate!!

She’s definitely a meat eater….good.

She definitely is a fruit lover…..good.

She’s not crazy about breads….what?!  We are Turner’s…we love our Carbs!!

I’m sure that will come!!  We’ll give her time.

She’s feeling more and more comfortable with our family.

She will actually sit in a high chair and not have to be with Baba the whole time.

Relief for Jeremy and giving his arms a break!!

After breakfast we went to the medical exam.

This place was crazy!!

And we have 13 families with our group, so we were there for a little while!

Didn’t feel that way, but we were.

She had to go to 3 different rooms.

The first room, they listened to her precious little heart.

Of course we cannot understand or read Chinese, so I’m guessing she’s ok.

Then she went to the nurse’s station where they weighed and measured her.

I would so have like to know what she weighs….but I didn’t look….

Too busy trying to get pictures!!

The third room was the ENT.

They check her ears and throat.

She was ok with the ears, but keep that tongue depresser out of her mouth!!

Poor girl started gagging and coughing a little!!

The final stop was the tb test.

Every child being adopted if they are over 2, have to have this test done.

Well, she loves her Baba, so guess who held her??

Yep, not Mommy!!

But she did great!!

She cried some, looked at her arm, showed Baba her arm and let him kiss it.

Baba asked her if Mommy could kiss is and she let me!!

Now, don’t get ahead of yourselves….she’s not running into my arms just yet!!

But she will…

We got back to the hotel and went to lunch at McDonald’s (yum) with some more of my DTC FB friends, Tammy Manea and Rick and Brooke Henningfeld.  Their daughters are lovely!!

We ate outside and during the middle of our lunch, Mollie kept looking at Jeremy and trying to tell him something.

He thought she wanted to play with her friends, so Taylor picked her up and carried her to them.

To our surprise, our little precious Peanut dropped her drawers and squatty potty’d outside McDonald’s!!!

I was like “Oh, my, goodness!!!!  Where’s my camera?!!”

This is culture for them.  This is what they do!

Split pants are everywhere here!!!

It’s nothing to see little boys with their “junk” hanging out!!

So we were not completely surprised, but it was pretty funny!!

It didn’t phase her a bit!

We went back to the hotel, Mollie napped, Jeremy napped, and Taylor played on the computer.

Kennedy and I decided to take a walk around our fabulous hotel.

I didn’t take my camera, so I will take more pictures later and post them.

There is So. Much. To. Do. Here!!

I told my family this is now our vacation, so let’s enjoy it!

This afternoon, I had to go to a meeting to discuss all of our paperwork…

So Jeremy took the kids to the Children’s Play Room.

Yes, in our hotel, there’s a room just for children to play!!

When I met back up with my family, Mollie had really come out of her shell!!

Well, to Taylor and Kennedy at least.

Jeremy said she played, interacted, belly-laughed, and just had a really great time in the play room.

I. Missed. It!

I hate paperwork.

These are monumental moments in my daughter’s life.  Milestones!

And I missed it.

We went to dinner at Cow and Bridge restaurant with my DTC FB friends Tammy Manea and Jay and Misty Womble.  Well, there were several that went, but that’s who we sat with.

Mollie’s playing with the older kids, acting up, coming out of her shell.

She’s starting to enjoy life with her new family.

Well, everyone but Mommy.

I am beyond thrilled that she is starting to attach to her family, but I am sad for me!

I know it will happen, I know it will….but let me throw a little pity party here.

I have told my family to call me Mommy, that way she still has her Mama and I can be someone different than she was to Mollie.

Taylor and Kennedy are just ecstatic that she is starting to love them, so they are clamoring for her attention.

This girl will never need ask for a thing.  She has a GuGu and JeiJei to meet her every need.

But that is where I need to be the provider.

She will not let me close enough to hold her, so I can not be the comforter….

But I can be the provider.

This is hard to explain to your family.  They are happy she is happy, and I am happy she is happy!

(Um, how many times can you say happy in a sentence and it still be grammatically correct?)

BTW, I just write my thoughts here, so I have no clue if they make any sense!!!  Sorry to you the reader…

So last night at dinner, Mollie had a blast.  Taylor and Kennedy had a blast.  Jeremy had a blast.

I was hurt.

Again, I know it will come, just having my pity party.

So, I came back to the hotel and took a nice, long, hot bath in our fabulous bathtub!!

If you’re going to through a pity party, you might as well be wrapped in luxury!

Continue to pray for my daughter’s heart.  It is mending everyday.

You can see it.

I love this girl’s smile!!  She can brighten any room!!

It’s so funny to look at her today.

When we landed in Taiyuan last Sunday, I was nervous!

I started rethinking everything!!  I told Jeremy, I don’t know about this anymore.

Are we making the right decision???

Me, questioning everything I had worked for for over a year and a half.

Now, I can not even imagine our life without her!!

She’s my child…..she’s Jeremy’s child.

She’s Taylor and Kennedy’s little sister.

She’s my daughter and my children are the best blessing God could ever, ever give me.

Brushing her teeth!!
On our way to the Medical appointment.
Medical Clinic
Mollie and her new friends!! Piper and Carmela!
First room…..heart check.
Listening to her precious little heart.
Didn’t like the scale….but do you blame her? Who does?!
She seriously didn’t want this to happen!!
Or this!
TB test….poor baby!
Showing Baba her boo boo….:(
Eating her candy from the TB nurse..!
Her friend Amelia sharing her goldfish crackers!! What sweeties!!

Squatty potty….!! When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!!
Mollie and Presley hanging out in the pool!!!