Well, it’s definitely been a crazy few weeks for this gal, but I’m glad to report that things are moving along!!

Well, when I say moving along, I mean, we are leaving for Chin@  THIS.  WEDNESDAY!!

Can you tell I’m trying to emphasis this?  🙂

Ok, so who wants to know where we’ll be and when we’ll be there??  Any takers?

Turner Itinerary for July 11th – 27th!!

Wednesday, July 11th – Fly out of Indianapolis at 12:30 pm.

Thursday, July 12th – Arrive in Beijing at 11:40 pm!!!

(Did you catch the days and time there??)

Friday, July 13th – Tour Tienanmen square, Forbidden city, and Hutong tour

Saturday, July 14th – MUTIANYU Great wall tour and we will have lunch at the School House!

Sunday, July 15th – Fly from Beijing to Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province…..this is where Mollie is!!!

Monday, July 16th – Gotcha Day!!!  We meet our precious girl for the very first time!!

Tuesday, July 17th – Return to the Civil Affairs building to complete our adoption paperwork

Wednesday, July 18th – Shopping/Sightseeing in Mollie’s province

Thursday, July 19th – If we are allowed to visit her orphanage, this is when we’ll do it.  Also, pray that we get to meet her foster family as this would mean the world to us!

Friday, July 20th – Fly to Guangzhou, China!  This is where our adoption will be finalized and where we will get to meet up with adoptive families whom we’ve met through the wonder of the internet and Facebook!!  🙂

Saturday, July 21st – Consulate medical appointment.

Sunday, July 22nd – We are going to attend Guangzhou International Christian Fellowship church!!  We are so excited as this will probably be Mollie’s first time in a Christian church!!  Then that evening, we are going to go to dinner with our adoption friends from our FB group!!  I’ve never met these wonderful people in person, but they’ve become my lifelong friends!!  Love them!!

Monday, July 23nd – Shopping/Sightseeing

Tuesday, July 24th – Shopping/Sightseeing

Wednesday, July 25th – Consulate Appointment!!

Thursday, July 26th (Also known as my 40th birthday!!) – Take the Oath and get Mollie’s Visa!!  We get to take the oath on this day!!  How special will that be?  I’m turning 40 and this is the final piece of the adoption process!!  We will then take a van to Hong Kong later that day.

Friday, July 27th – Fly from Hong Kong at 10:30 am and arrive in Indianapolis at 7:10 pm!!

(Don’t let that time fool you…..add in 12 more hours!!)

Wow….that was A LOT to type!!  🙂