Mollie has been doing very well since last Thursday….

Remember, the miracle that I told you about..

Well, yesterday, we had a “sad” day.

She was really ok for most of the day, but then, she wasn’t.

She cried hard and only wanted Kennedy.

Well, that’s hard on Kennedy because she doesn’t want to see Mollie sad.

But, Kennedy is also very busy this summer and doesn’t want her little MeiMei around all the time!!

So that broke Ms. Mollie’s little heart.

So after she woke up from a not great nap, we sat in her bedroom floor and had a good cry.

I was reminded of everything this little girl has lost in her 3 short years,

and I cried.

She was probably remembering life in Ch*na,

and she cried.

It was sad.


I reminded her of how much I loved her.

I told her how very sorry I was for all she has lost.

I told her that if her foster family could have adopted her, they would have.

That was how much she was loved by them.

I told her that I loved being her Mommy and I would always be there for her.

Then I asked her if she wanted to go outside and jump on the neighbor’s trampoline…..

That changed her mood very quickly!!

Needless to say, this girl’s getting a trampoline and soon!!  🙂

Mollie took this with my phone! Love their faces!!