It was 3 months ago today….at 9:30 a.m. when we walked into the Taiyuan City Civil Affairs office.

I was so nervous and scared. Almost 2 years had past since we started on this journey. We had looked at her picture for over 7 months and this day we would meet her face to face.

I saw her first through the window, she was already there. She was sitting perfectly still on a chair in the lobby, a sucker clenched tight in one hand.

I told my family, “she’s here” and started to cry.

When we walked in and she saw us, it was heartbreaking. She “knew” what was happening and she started to cry.

Jeremy and I tried everything to comfort her, but nothing helped.

Nothing would help for several days until Kennedy pulled out the iPod. CamWow became our best friend on that day.

She started opening up and not grieving quite as hard.

When you look at her today, you can’t even imagine she is the same girl she was 3 months ago.

She still has her moments of grief, but they are short and infrequent.

Happy 3 Month Gotcha Day Mollie!!! We love you and are so blessed God called you to be ours!! 🙂