As I have now watched “White Christmas” more this Christmas than any other, one of the songs has embedded itself into my spirit, “Count Your Blessings, Instead of Sheep”.  One of the biggest blessings in my life is my children, all 3 of them!!  Taylor Brian, Kennedy Belle, and Mollie Elizabeth Jing Xiu!  The way the older kids love their little sister, is heart stopping!!  Taylor adores Mollie and watching Kennedy and Mollie do a remake of the song “Sisters” from the movie, makes my heart so full!!  I’ll post that video later!!  J

But I’m also reminded that while I have 3 beautiful, wonderful children, there’s a Mother across the ocean in Shanxi Province, China, who gave up her beautiful child.  We do not know the reasons why she was left at the Taiyuan City Hospital, and we probably never will.  Was it because her Mother knew she had a heart condition that she could not afford to have treated?  In China, you must pay before you receive medical treatment.   So by leaving her at the hospital, she knew her precious daughter would be taken care of.  Was it because she was a second child?  Was it because she was a girl?  Questions that will never have an answer.

I cannot imagine the grief the Mother went through as she placed her daughter at the steps of the hospital.  Did she watch her until she was found?  I can only assume she did, I would have.  As she watched, she had to know she would never see this beautiful girl again.  She was doing the only thing she knew she could do to save her precious child’s life.  She was laying down her life for her daughter’s.

So now it’s Christmas time, the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.  I know this Mother is thinking about her daughter.  Where is she?  Is she healthy, happy?  Is she safe?  Most of all, is she loved?

I will never get the opportunity to meet this precious, self-sacrificing Mother.  I will never get the chance to tell her “Yes, she is healthy, happy, safe, and most definitely is she loved.”  Also, I will never get to tell her “Thank you.”  I’m sure I would say all of these things through my grateful tears, because that is how they are written now.

So this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, let us remember the sacrifice of others.  The Men and Women who serve in our Armed Forces, you are remembered and appreciated.  Also, the families that have lost their precious treasurers, you are in our every prayer.

I understand that I am a very blessed Mother; the Lord has been very gracious to me.  So I “Count my Blessings, Instead of Sheep”.