I realize I have not blogged in forever!!  I just do. not. have. time!!

But I also realize that there are other people that view my blog not wanting to know what I have to say, but to see pictures of a gorgeous Asian/American girl!!

And to you, I apologize.

I realize you are not able to get Facebook where you live, and I have done a horrible job in keeping you on the “up and up” of Mollie’s life.

So here you go, a few pictures of our beauty…..

She is beautiful, that is a fact.

She is adored, she is cherished, she is loved.

Thank you for loving her before I could.

I am forever grateful.

This was one day at the library where she was just super cute and I had to snap her picture!!
The cutest “cowgirl” ever!!! This was a couple of Sunday’s ago at church!
Mollie and Daddy before preschool! She is too cute for words!
Kennedy, Mollie, and Taylor at the Athletic Banquet. She was so excited, she got to wear her Christmas dress again!!

 Do you think her brother and sister love her??  Absolutely, no doubt!!  These two adore her!!  And the feeling is mutual!!  🙂

The girl LOVES coffee!! I still wonder where she got this habit from!! 🙂