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Um….I didn’t know this…..

We went to Winter Jam 2012 last night in Indy.  Had a great time, btw.  Just what I needed after my crazy head post from yesterday.

Anyway, we knew we would get to see some of our favorite bands and I still think I have some hearing loss from Skillet!!

Jeremy’s cousin plays drums for Kari Jobe.  I know, super cool!!

I thought that would be the highlight of my evening, seeing someone we know get to play for one of our favorite worship leaders in front of 15,000 people!!

It was awesome!  She worshiped and led us into the presence of the Lord in a powerful way.

But the highlight of my evening came when they spotlighted adoption.

Holt International is a sponsor of Winter Jam.  I didn’t know this.

They started speaking and telling stories about international adoption and my heart broke.

I started missing Mollie more than ever…..It probably didn’t help that I had my I <3 Adoption shirt on and she had already been on my mind all day….

But I LOVED that they brought to 15,000 people’s attention the need for not just forever families for orphaned children around the world and at home, but the need for sponsorship.

They gave people a chance to sponsor a child until they are adopted.

And isn’t that what the Bible instructs us to do.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans…..” James 1:27

Not everyone is called to adopt, but in my opinion, everyone is called to do something.

Click here for information for Holt International and sponsoring a waiting child.

Day 87 of our wait for LOA…………………….


I think I’m losing it…..

It’s day 86 and my LOA is nowhere in sight.

Seriously, I think I’m gonna have to be locked up from all the crazy going on in my head!!

For my friends that have gotten their LOA, I couldn’t be happier, but then, I don’t have mine.

Jealousy sets in!!  Especially since I’m close to hitting the Century Club!!

This is not a club I want to be a member of…….please, do not sign me up for it!!

So again, it’s day 86 and my LOA is nowhere in sight.

I know this post makes no sense, but I warned you I was crazy!


Bless the Lord, Oh my soul.

This song encouraged me today.


Day 85 for our wait for LOA…………………………


Finally……Oh. My. Word.

Look what came in the mail Monday and Tuesday!!

One less thing to worry about!!  🙂





Day 84 of our wait for LOA……………………..:(

Spring Break Destination……!!!

I had to blog about this because I thought it was just TOO funny not to share!!

We are not doing anything “exciting” over Spring Break.  I know, we are such horrible people…..:(

Anyway, Kennedy posted a picture on Facebook on where she’ll be spending the week…..

Oh, and lunch is included…….







Kennedy's Spring Break Destination!!


Day 82 of our wait for LOA……………………..



Kennedy’s new look…..:)

Kennedy on her way.....!!


Outside Dr. Nicholson's office....!!


The big reveal!!

Tonight’s the night!!! :)

Happy Hunger Games!  May the odds be ever in your favor! – Effie Trinket

Well tonight is the night!

The one we’ve been waiting awhile on.

No, it has nothing to do with adoption.

It has everything to do with a book we love!

It started out as 2 of my dear friends and I taking our boys.

Then, my daughter wanted to go.

BTW, she’s getting braces on her top teeth today!  Ugh!  No popcorn for her!  🙁

Then my friend’s daughter wanted to go.

So now there is a small group of us taking our children to the midnight premiere.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Yes, they have school tomorrow.

Yes, I know there are no unexcused absences since it’s the Friday before Spring Break.

Yes, I’ve threatened that if they don’t get up tomorrow this will NEVER happen again!!

But when you’ve got 5 teenagers that are giddy with excitement about a book their about to see brought to the big screen, well, you just do what you must do.

And, I believe the adults are just as excited!!  🙂

So, Happy Hunger Games!!

Day 78 for our wait for LOA…………………..:(




Who Knew???……

Who knew the dilemma in my life would be trying to get my biological children’s passports??

Who would have seen this coming??

I mean, Ch*na is taking their sweet time in getting out LOA’s, but now the U.S. Department of State in Chicago is joining in on the fun!!

I applied for their passports over 8 weeks ago!!  That is 2 months people!!

Then I have to resubmit pictures…..geesh….ok, I take blame for that!  But the thing is, they didn’t even check on their applications till I called them 2 weeks ago….then I get the letter saying the pics are no good!!

Note to self……make the call earlier next time!!

So I call them again yesterday, yeah, you don’t even want to know that conversation.  It. Was. Depressing!!  The “nice” lady on the phone told me I could pay the extra $72 per passport to have it expedited.

Um, hello, that’s why I started this process in January, to save those expedited fees!!

I call again today….much. much. nicer lady!!  Thank God!!

She contacted her supervisor who told me the only thing I could do right now since I do not have actual travel dates, is to write a letter to the Chicago office telling them of our situation and how this has been in process for over 8 weeks now!

So a letter has been written and is about to be sent.

It will include a return receipt.

Day 76 of our wait for LOA……………………..:(

It may come before my children’s passports at this rate!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Molly!!

Today my dear Auntie Molly turns 75!  (BTW, she doesn’t care if I post this)

Wouldn’t it be a great present for her if we got our LOA today?!

(Letter of Acceptance from China)

I mean, she would share, she’s nice like that!!  🙂

My sister Tanya shared her special day on January 4th, we received our PA!!


Molly and her birthday flowers from Aunt Melissa and Michael

Sorry for the poor image, this picture was taken by her iPhone while she’s at work.

You see, she is a waitress and has been for years…..and when I type years, I mean years!!

She is a dedicated worker, family member, and follower of Christ.

She is who we are naming our precious little Peanut after.

You are loved Aunt Molly!!  May you have a blessed birthday and many, many more!!


Day 71 of our wait for LOA………………………….:(

I’m a Blieber!!

Yesterday’s post was pretty heavy, so today we’ve got Justin Bieber via MercyMe!  I heard this on KLove and well, loved it!!

Yes, I’m a Blieber!!  Don’t judge, you know you love this song!!



Day 70 of our wait for LOA…………………:(